Presentation Strikethrough

Strikethrough is a popular effekt in blog. If you want to use it in a presentation done with Impress, you just mark the text you want to strikethrough, do a right mouse click and voila – strikethrough: Impress Strikethrough

Now if you want to do the same in Microsoft Office Powerpoint 2007, you are out of luck:

Microsoft Office PowerPoint does not include the text effects for strikethrough on the Format menu that come with Microsoft Office Word. You can reproduce these effects by using the Drawing toolbar, however.
  1. Display the slide with the text you want to show in strikethrough format.
  2. From the Drawing toolbar in the lower-left corner of the screen, choose the Line tool.
  3. Draw a line over the text you want to format as strikethrough.

Now remember, according to Microsoft, the new Office 2007 features he Microsoft Office Fluent user interface that exposes commonly used and familiar commands, enhanced graphics, and formatting capabilities that enable you to create high-quality documents, Enhanced text effects and new context-sensitive command tabs – but apparently no strikethrough.

Thanks to Mike for the pointer.

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Rugby-Haka: New Zealand vs Scotland

The Scottish are replying to the traditional New Zealand Haka:

Via Basic Thinking Blog.

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77,1 * 850 = ???

You probably already heard about the bug in Microsoft Excel 2007.

Former Excel-Teammember and Software-Development guru Joel Spolsky has a very nice writeup on the reasons, background, etc.

Personally, I think this „bug” is Microsofts devilish plot to move Excel to 64-bit-platforms-only „to support the higher precision mathematical operations your customers require”. ;)

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10 Ways to Put Your Remote Server to Good Use

Lifehacker has a nice collection of ideas on how to get mor iut of your „always on server”:

  • Back Up Your Data
  • Host a Personal Wiki (Blog or Photo Gallery)
  • Back Up Your Gmail (Or Any POP3 Email)
  • Sync Your Bookmarks (and Documents)
  • Mount a Remote Drive Locally
  • Run a Version Control System with Subversion
  • Build an Internet Jukebox with Jinzora
  • Set Up a Virtual Private Network with Hamachi
  • Remote Control BitTorrent Transfers
  • Securely Proxy Your Web Browsing Traffic

Lifehacker: Top 10 Ways to Put Your Remote Server to Good Use

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Nega-review: Halo 3

„The artificial intelligence can’t drive very well;” (6) in fact, „the AI drivers are less like marines and more like Mr. Magoo; support troops are just fodder for the Brutes; and the Arbiter makes me question why the Elites were ever feared in the original Halo. … What is the point of sticking you with an AI compatriot if all he’s good at is respawning?” (5)

nega-reviews collect together opinions on a hot game from across the game review community. Unlike meta-reviews, though, the nega-review focuses only on negative quotes from extremely positive reviews; massaging them together into an entirely unforgiving whole.

Why do this? Partly to erect an artificial island in Halo 3’s wide sea of praise for haters to set up camp on. Partly as a warning against taking out-of-context quotes as representative of a much different whole.

Nega-review: Halo 3 via Gaming-Legende Heinrich Lenhardt

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