Links from 2017-06-18

Autoconfiguration in Thunderbird

Thunderbird 3.1 and later (and 3.0 to some degree) includes mail account autoconfiguration functionality. The goal of autoconfiguration is to make it very easy for users to configure the connection of Thunderbird to their email servers. In many cases, people should be able to download and install Thunderbird, enter their real name, email address and password in the Account Setup Wizard and have a fully functioning mail client and get and send their mail as securely as possible.

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Links from 2017-06-12

The Long, Slow, Rotten March of Progress

The constant recombination of worn-out elements. Companies that make useless products to help other companies make useless products that help other companies make useless products. There are start-ups that spend tens of thousands on names and branding before they even come up with a product or see if anyone might want it. This is called innovation, but what it actually represents is a culture that piles up the garbled detritus of the old in lieu of creating anything new, and a morbid economic order drowning in its own surplus liquidity and willing to invest in any bubble that comes along….

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