There's No Technological Innovation In MMXX

From the „pre-covid19” yearly mailing list thread „State of the World 2020: Bruce Sterling and Jon Lebkowsky

Also, there’s no technological innovation in MMXX. Innovation and invention are out of style. The closest we’ve got to innovation is „capital moating,” where you start some allegedly technical company to screw around with, say, hotels or taxis, and throw so many billions at the project that businessmen are awed. That’s financially innovative – sort of – it’s like the space-aviation biz staying aloft by angling subsidies. That’s not Moore’s Law, there’s nothing amazingly great that is busting out of the garage to set Google-Apple-Facebook-Amazon-Microsoft on their ear. There is no wonderment, because there is no reason to wonder.
The fix is in. The Industry has consolidated. Best of the year lists from tech journalists have been replaced by lists of the worst things happening in tech. For the first time in my life, it’s getting hard to find any genuine technical novelty.

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USA vs. Russia - Bruce Sterling

From the „pre-covid19” yearly mailing list thread „State of the World 2020: Bruce Sterling and Jon Lebkowsky”:

It’s just not the Republican apparatchiks who have abandoned all previous moral convictions for a mess of pottage – all the US population is like that. The Americans used to be self-assured, mobile, visionary, inventive; now they’re hunkered-down, dogmatic, disinterested in any consensus; they’re 100% American-Dream-Free.
The American life expectancy is in decline: they can’t keep death at bay. The American health care system is so astonishingly bad that black Americans escaped being murdered with opioids, because the racist American sickness-industry refused to prescribe them any of the pills. This is the domestic narcotic biz version of voter suppression. That is an unhealthy polity.
The Russians, by contrast, have learned to drink less vodka. Their birthrate has even popped up a little. Physically, they’re improving, and I’m glad at that news Yes, the Russians are diligently waging all kinds of asymmetrical warfare, they have built their own domestic Splinternet to subvert, repel and destroy the Internet, and they will pitch any dreadful thing over their firewall from nerve-gas to barrel-bombs, but I feel happier about them. They scared me, because I thought they would die en masse of sheer disillusionment, hapless spite, weltschmerz and morbid despair.
Probably the Russians will manage. They’re a great nation which is not suicidal. Their fearless leader will dump the wife of the children for a sexy gymnast, but they aren’t kamikazes, and they don’t need belt-bombs. The Russians in MMXX are Putin-Czarist hick fundies whose ultra-illusory worldview make literally no sense, and deliberately so, but at least they’re not dead on their feet. Even a dopey GRU assassin from the backwoods of Siberia is less scary than a hollow-eyed zombie.


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Everybody Is Doing The Same Thing

From the „pre-covid19” yearly mailing list thread „State of the World 2020: Bruce Sterling and Jon Lebkowsky”:

So in MMXX, we’re in a world situation that claims to be post-global and post-Internet and post world-trade, where everybody wants to take back control, be great again, assure sovereign cyberspace, set tariffs, jail immigrant tots, beat up ethnic minorities, nurture billionaires, ignore science, and reduce education to assure that there are fewer brainy chicks – but in practice, there’s no big difference among the players. They ALL do that. There’s next to no genuine cultural variety. They all use the same hardware, slogans and techniques.

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Note to Self: Be More like Bruce Sterling

From the „State of the World 2020: Bruce Sterling and Jon Lebkowsky” emails, the wonderful Bruce Sterling on Ars Electronica:

Every year I do this jury work, and really, the panoply of ingenuity there always impressed me and raises my morale. So many strange, creative, inventive things from a some basement, some attic, some home-made lab in the corner of whateverness. It gives me a baseline faith in the resilience of humanity. Not that things are always good —that’s too much to ask — but that they’re always interesting.

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