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Cities of Light

Our goal with this project is to speculate on the future of cities, and to celebrate the vitality and diversity of urban spaces, by imagining ways that communities can use the clean-energy transition as an opportunity to enhance what makes them special. The transition will involve messiness, discomfort, and in some cases, dislocation and displacement. Yet it is also a chance to strengthen neighborhoods, foster greater equity and civic engagement, and repair the natural environments and ecosystems that both surround and wind through our cities. In this collection, we aim to provide glimpses into possible configurations of clean-energy infrastructure—along with its concomitant social relations, political structures, and institutions—that embrace the unique circumstances of different cities. We hope to encourage dialogue, debate, and critical thinking about how to navigate urban energy transitions in ways that are culturally responsive and inclusive, and in ways that honor and amplify the beauty and grandeur of cities, as well as their ability to provide places where people can live and thrive and make futures for themselves, their neighbors, and future generations.

RedHat: Understanding the Predictable Network Interface Device Names Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7

The names have two-character prefixes based on the type of interface:

en for Ethernet,
wl for wireless LAN (WLAN),
ww for wireless wide area network (WWAN). 

The names have the following types: …

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KeePassXC: Wildcard matching for URLs

I do love my KeePassXC (and SyncThing to keep it in sync on multiple machines). But one thing that irked me was the fact that I had to create multiple entries for one site with several functional subdomains, like for example:


Of course cloned entries with references, but still it was manual work.

Until I searched for a better solution and found varjolintu’s comment on the corresponding issue on Microsoft GitHub. So to paraphrase hin, this is what you have to do:

In order to use the „wildcard feature”, enter as the entry URL. This corresponds to an wildcard entry along the lines of https://*

And of course an entry URL like will match https://*

With that, I am a happy camper :D

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Analyzing and fixing GoToMeeting video encoding issues with ffmpeg

I recently got flabergasted by Fedoras’ „Totem Movie Player” not being able to replay a recorded GoTo Meeting session. VLC of course was able to replay it.

After some searching, I found „ffprobe” and was able to figure out what was wrong with that recording:

$ ffprobe -i ~/Downloads/recording.mp4
   Stream #0:1(und): Video: h264 (High) (avc1 / 0x31637661), yuv420p, 1920x1080 [SAR 1:1 DAR 16:9], 14 kb/s, 0.05 fps, 600 tbr, 600 tbn, 1200 tbc (default)
      creation_time   : 2021-05-20T12:43:36.000000Z
      handler_name    : Core Media Video 

Apparently, GoTo Meetings records video session where only slides are shown with 0.05 fps, which confuses Totem completely.

Fortunately, the fix was, thanks to ffmpeg, also rather easy:

$ ffmpeg -i  ~/Downloads/recording.mp4 -filter:v fps=30 -max_muxing_queue_size 9999 ~/Downloads/fixed.mp4

The „max_muxing_queue_size” I had to add to make it work. Some ffmpeg guru can probably explain why.

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Linux VM: Show IP on Boot

If you want to show the IP of your linux VM after boot (for use with local KVM, …), you have two options:

The easy way

echo My Ip address: \4{eth0}"" >>/etc/issue

Where you need to replace „eth0” with the name of your network interface (might be „enp0s3” or whatever).

The cumbersome systemd way

First, create a „/usr/bin/” script:

ip a | grep "inet" | grep "eno" | awk -F/ '{print $1}' | awk '{print $2}'

and then create a systemd service for it, where you redirect the output to the console.


I know, what solution I prefer … ;)

via stackexchange

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„Leyrers Online Pamphlet“ ist die persönliche Website von mir, Martin Leyrer. Die hier veröffentlichten Beiträge spiegeln meine Ideen, Interessen, meinen Humor und fallweise auch mein Leben wider.
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