Let's do the time-warp

Do you remember the early 90ties? When fax-machines were a status-symbol, only „trustworthy” people were allowed to call long distance and only a handfull of people in a company got something new called e-mail?
Times have changed, haven’t they? Well, if you work for some government-body in Austria, not much has changed in the last 10 years or so.



My girlfriend tried to use her companys e-mail system to send a business mail to an adress ending in .nl (Netherlands). This was to contact an eu-citizen, that is working for her organization. It was legitimate e-mail. Now take a look at what she got back (names changed to protect the innocent):

> Folgende Empfänger konnten nicht erreicht werden:
> XXXXXXXX@tiscali.nl am 03.03.2006 10:06
> Sie sind nicht berechtigt, Nachrichten an diesen Empfänger zu senden.
Wenden Sie sich an den Systemadministrator.
> XXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXX am 03.03.2006 10:06
> Sie sind nicht berechtigt, Nachrichten an diesen Empfänger zu senden.
Wenden Sie sich an den Systemadministrator.

Now why is someone not allowed to send an E-Mail to an Adress ending in .nl? Is it because an E-Mail to .nl is more expensive than an e-mail to .at? ROTFL.
And what about all those austrians and companies with .com, .info, .net etc. als their TLD? How do they contact these?

IMHO the use of Exchange explains this braindead rule. Another thing that couht my eye: The sender is not allowed to send an e-mail to .nl, bt the message also states, that the sender ist not allowed to send to an internal recipient? LOL. Talk about stupid error-messages.

One more reason not to work for any part of the government. And they are so proud of Austrias e-government achievments. Yeah. And the internal policies are not that much different from what we hear from China, etc.

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