m³ and his Thinkpad - reconciled again

Yesterday, I described my problem that Lenovos ThinkVantage tool „Access Connections” Version 4.12 could not turn my Intel 2200 BG wireless (WLAN or WiFi) card on or off. In fact, these two couldn’t communicate with each other at all. After much thinking and trial and error I finally found a solution in one of the Thinkpad-forums.



The reason for the strange behaviour of Access Connections was a wrong version of the Dynamic Link Library (DLL) „libeay32.dll” which is the DLL version of the LIBEAY library from OpenSSL.

The problem, which prohibits the correct mode of operation of Access Connections, is that the Intel 2200 BG drivers NEED the included version of this DLL and not any other – welcome to DLL HELL.

On my system, I found the following versions of „libeay32.dll”:

C:\GnuWin32\bin\libeay32.dll 0.9.7c
C:\GnuWin32\GetGnuWin32\bin\libeay32.dll 888.832 Bytes (no version info)
C:\Programme\BOINC\libeay32.dll 0.9.8
C:\Programme\FileZilla\libeay32.dll 0.9.8a
C:\Programme\Intel\Wireless\Bin\libeay32.dll 876.544 Bytes (no version info)
C:\Programme\Sophos\AutoUpdate\libeay32.dll 798.720 Bytes (no version info)
C:\Programme\Sophos\AutoUpdate\Cache\sau\program files\sophos\autoupdate\libeay32.dll 98.720 Bytes (no version info)
C:\Programme\Yahoo!\WidgetEngine\libeay32.dll 0.9.8a

Checking the „path” on my system, I found „C:\GnuWin32\bin” as well as „C:\Programme\Intel\Wireless\Bin" in it. Unfortunately, GnuWin32 was mentioned well before „Intel\Wireless\Bin” and therefore, GNUs version was used instead of the one delivered together with the drivers. But I also suspect Lenovos Bluetooth driver installation to have changed the path and therefore rendering Access Connections useless.

So here its the solution to the problem that Fn+F5 won’t enable or disable the wireless NIC and that Access Connections won’t talk to the Intel 2200 BG wireless NIC: put the directory „C:\Programme\Intel\Wireless\Bin" in the beginning of the path and remove all instances of „libeay32.dll” from the windows and system32 directories.

Many thanks to user „Riddil” in the thinkpads.com Support Community. Without his post, I probably wouldn’t have solved this stupid, unnecessary and plain stupid problem. I am trying to file a bug report with Leonovo so that this problem will be addressed in a future release of Access Connections and the wireless drivers.

If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to drop me a line.

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