How to get the Domino Server Console on Ubuntu 10.4

You can use the Domino Console, a Java-based console, to communicate with a Domino Server Controller. Using the Domino Console, you can send commands to multiple servers.
Basically, the Domino Console is a Server Console, like the one in the Admin Client or directly on the server. The nice thing is, that you can use it also on Linux, as it is Java based. So no need to start a Web Admin session.

As we don’t get an Admin Client for Linux Desktops (like for example Ubuntu 10.04.1 LTS „Lucid Lynx”) the Domino Console is the next best thing to it.

To get the Domino Console (jconsole) on Ubuntu is not as straight forward as it sounds, as there is – AFAIK – no installable package for it. So we have to „extract” it from the server install to use it.

Go on your server, and type the following:
mkdir /tmp/lotus
cd /opt/lotus/notes/latest/linux
cp -pr jconsole dconsole.jar startup jvm /tmp/lotus
cd /tmp/lotus
mkdir bin
cd bin
ln -s ../startup jconsole
cd ..
ln -s jvm/bin/java java
ln -s startup server 
cd /tmp
tar -cvf jconsole.tar
gzip -9 jconsole.tar

You now have a gziped tar file „jconsole.tar.gz” of the Domino Console (jconsole) in your /tmp directory of your Domino server. Use scp or another secure method of transportation to move the tar file from the server to your home directory of your desktop machine.

On your desktop, move to the /opt directory and unpack the tar file:
sudo tar -xvf ~/jconsole.tar.gz
All you need now is a dummy notes.ini file in the directory (e.g. „~/jconsole”) you want to start jconsole from:
echo "[Notes]">~/jconsole/notes.ini
echo "Directory=/home/[USERNAME]/jconsole">>~/jconsole/notes.ini
echo "">>~/jconsole/notes.ini
A short
cd ~/jconsole
and you get your remote Domino Server Console on your Ubuntu Desktop machine.

P.S.: If you copy the jconsole from a Domino 7.x machine, it will probably complain about a missing „” file.
You can easily download the old but necessary .deb file from one of the Ubuntu mirrors. Install it via sudo dpkg -i ~/Downloads/libstdc++2.10-glibc2.2_2.95.4-24_i386.deb and you are good to go.

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