That „Next Big Thing”? - Yeah, I'm Still Looking (for a Job)

Yes, I am still available starting 2019-10-01.
Feel free to contact me any means available (except WhatsApp) or via email at job4martin<commercial at> for my CV or any other information.

So that „Next Big Thing” that I’m looking for (also as a job)? I’m still looking for it. But since my last posting I learned a few things I want to share with you. Maybe they are helpful – or at least entertaining.

What I learned/(re)discovered about myself is, that I would love to have a job where I could smile like Adam Savage when he tries the Gravity Jet Suit for his Iron Man build. And have fun when working as a team like Adam and Laura Kampf when building an „Overengineered Bottle Opener” or Adam and Simone Giertz when playing electric shock games. Yes, one can dream. But that would be one of the signs of that „Next Big Thing”, when I get the gut feeling that I would REALLY enjoy working with and being challenged by that „thing” and the colleagues there.

The environment must feel right. I rejected one quite interesting job offer because my (in that case very light and amicable) sarcasm was not understood. Which is fine and I totally get it. But working with a boss who doesn’t understand how I communicate or always having to concentrate on how I communicate things (internally; in front of customers, that is a completely different thing) would probably not work out.

Ze cloud is everywhere. If you don’t „know” Cloud (basically AWS AND Google Cloud Platform AND MS Azure), you are not placeable. Funnily, nobody states what they mean by „know”. From what I gathered so far, it’s the knowledge of mapping functionality to product names. IMHO an „interesting” concept of „knowing”, but who am I to judge.
So „Cloud” for me is not interesting as „the next big thing” – IMHO it’s way past its „best used before” date.

Then a lot of people suggested (thanks for that!) „Security”. „Back in the 1990ties, IT-Security was ‘The Next Big Thing’. I built my company on it.”, was one sentence I heard. There are A LOT of job opportunities in that field. To my disadvantage, I know quite a few VERY GOOD people in the security field, whose expertise and knowledge I probably could never match. On the other hand, I see a lot of IMHO „underqualified” people rush into that market, with which I do not want to be associated with (call me a snob). So that is for me also a field I am not really comfortable searching jobs in.

The area of „Software defined Everything” looks interesting, but is primarily looking for 18 year old script kiddies with no personal life, 30 years experience in the market, at least a bachelors degree and salaries like a 16 year old intern so they can crank out code 24/7 at basically no cost. And it’s also past it’s „shiny and new” phase and currently the battle field of several operators which jockey for the pole position in the market. Not a fun place to be.

A few companies/jobs I picked already declined me after 1-3 interview rounds, usually proceeding with „people with more product experience”. Oh well. So I know how that feels as well.

Oh and don’t get me started about headhunters that put me in once category because they read one product name in my CV (in which I condensed >25 years of IT work into one A4 page). Or personnel-agencies on Xing that leave one message and then never reply to an email. Or „job advisers” that are surprised that your CV is in English when you are looking for an international job in IT. Oh the rants I could share …

Call me picky. ;) Yes, I still don’t exactly know what I want. Surprisingly, I am still rather relaxed. There are still a few interesting optios on the table. From techie/architect all the way to a teamlead-role. So I am still talking, still interviewing, still looking.

So if you think you spotted „The Next Big Thing” or at least an interesting/exciting job for me, please do let me know!

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