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Chile’s Project Cybersyn

Chile was building an analog of our modern internet way back in the 1970s. A massive, national communications network for business and government to coordinate efficiently. The engineer (Stafford Beer) who designed it was from Surrey, in the UK, and worked for the Allende goverment that was building this system.

After the 1973 coup, General Pinochet had the system destroyed.

Had it caught on, we might have had global internet in our homes in the 1970s.

Why does government policy ignore scientific evidence? Experts and the public must act together

The relation between expert communities and society at large does not take place in a vacuum, but in a field marred by vested interest. For if policies change, this creates winners and losers—and potential losers have an interest in the status quo remaining in place. One strategy they can choose is to accept the facts and openly fight for their interests. But often, these potential losers choose another strategy: undermine the public dissemination of the facts that would suggest that change is needed.

Deshittifying the Internet of Things starts with me

How can we reset the expectations we have of connected devices, so that they are again worthy of our trust and money? Before we can bring the promise back, we must deweaponize the technology.
Guidelines for the hardware producer

These are things we want consumers to expect and demand of manufacturers.

  • Control
    *Think local
  • Decouple
  • Open interfaces
  • Be a good citizen

LibreOffice absichern … und Probleme damit

LibreOffice-Anwender:innen wähnen sich hier oft auf der sicheren Seite und ändern, wie vermutlich auch viele MS Office Anwender:innen, nichts an ihrer Konfiguration. Das BSI hat aber auch für LibreOffice Richtlinien entwickelt bzw. entwickeln lassen:

  • Sichere Konfiguration von LibreOffice: Empfehlungen für Unternehmen mit einer verwalteten Umgebung
  • Sichere Konfiguration von LibreOffice – Empfehlungen für kleinere Unternehmen, Privatanwender und Privatanwenderinnen

Auf der Seite LibreOffice – Aber sicher! sind die Empfehlungen in Form einer LibreOffice XCD-Datei als Service zum Download verfügbar. Die enthaltenen Direktiven wirken vergleichbar zu Gruppenrichtlinien bei Microsoft Office und sichern LibreOffice entsprechend dem Leitfaden. Die Datei herunterladen und im Installationsverzeichnis von LibreOffice in den Pfad share/registry/res ablegen. Wenn man danach LibreOffice startet wird diese Vorkonfiguration automatisch angewandt. Damit lassen sich komplette LibreOffice-Deployments für viele viele Workstations sichern ohne die Anwender:innen das alles selbst machen zu lassen.

Pluralistic: An interoperability rule for your money

Businesses love high switching costs – think of your gym forcing you to pay to cancel your subscription or Apple turning off your groupchat checkmark when you switch to Android. The more it costs you to move to a rival vendor, the worse your existing vendor can treat you without worrying about losing your business.

Capitalists genuinely hate capitalism. As the FBI informant Peter Thiel says, "competition is for losers." The ideal 21st century "market" is something like Amazon, a platform that gets 45-51 cents out of every dollar earned by its sellers. Sure, those sellers all compete with one another, but no matter who wins, Amazon gets a cut

Why AWS is an obstacle to reaching true digital sovereignty

Sovereignty is the absence of strong dependencies on third parties. The Sovereign Cloud from AWS is a misnomer here.

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