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spaf: Reflecting on the Internet Worm at 35

Thirty-five years ago today (November 2nd), the Internet Worm program was set loose to propagate on the Internet. Noting that now to the computing public (and cybersecurity professionals, specifically) often generates an "Oh, really?" response akin to stating that November 2nd is the anniversary of the inaugural broadcast of the first BBC TV channel (1936), and the launch of Sputnik 2 with Laika aboard (1957). That is, to many, it is ho-hum, ancient history.

Perhaps that is to be expected after 35 years – approximately the length of a human generation. (As an aside, I have been teaching at Purdue for 36 years. I have already taught students whose parents had taken one of my classes as a student; in five or so years, I may see students whose grandparents took one of my classes!

Overheating datacenter thwarts 2.5 million bank transactions • The Register

Equinix has reportedly blamed a contractor, alleging that person "incorrectly sent a signal to close the valves from the chilled water buffer tanks" during a planned system upgrade.

… the two banks had "fallen short" of MAS requirements to ensure critical IT systems are resilient. The authority requires that unscheduled downtime for critical systems affecting bank operations should not exceed four hours within any 12 month period – a limit easily exceeded in this case.

As a result, the MAS has slapped DBS with some hefty punishments – including barring it over the next six months from reducing the size of its branch and ATM network, making any non-essential IT changes, or acquiring new business ventures.

Stellungnahme: Informatik in der AHS Oberstufe — TU Wien Informatics

Der aktuelle Entwurf des Bildungsministeriums für die Ausweitung des Informatik-Unterrichts wird unterstützt, allerdings wird für das Fach ein Umfang von mindestens sechs Stunden inklusive Matura als wesentlich für die Vermittlung von Grundlagen gesehen. Dies würde auch dazu beitragen, Talente früh zu fördern und die Studierfähigkeit in technisch-naturwissenschaftlichen Fächern zu erhöhen.

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