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100 Schulen sollen zu KI-Pilotschulen werden

Laurel und Hardy haben wieder "gute" Iden auf Kosten der SchülerInnen:

250.000 Euro für 100 KI-Pilotschulen in zwei Schuljahren

Das sind pro Schule 1.250 Euro im Jahr. Und davon soll "Lernsoftware" angeschafft werden? Und wer zahlt die Hochschulen, die das begleiten sollen?

BTW: Damit gehen sich ~ 5 “ChatGPT Plus” Lizenzen oder 2604 DALL·E 3 Standard 1024×1024 Bilder pro Jahr und Schule (nicht Klasse!) aus.

Stop Deploying Web Application Firewalls

In the infancy of the cybersecurity field, WAFs seemed like a good idea. HTTP requests were tiny, infrequent, and mostly contained mundane form data. But today, WAFs have overstayed their welcome in the security toolbelt. There are better techniques you can use that make even the most advanced WAFs entirely obsolete.

The Linux kernel has been accidentally hardcoded to a maximum of 8 cores for the past 15 years and nobody noticed – The HFT Guy

From the "given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow" department:

This commit added automated scaling of scheduler settings with the number of cores in 2009.

It was accidentally hardcoded to a maximum of 8 cores. Oops. The magic value comes from an older commit and remained as it was.

Expectations high for German government’s e-adminstration promise

Expectations for a successful transition to an e-administration in Germany are high among politicians and business leaders, but in reality, rollout remains slow, and the laws supposed to facilitate it are being criticised for failing to prioritise.

When it comes to personal data we’re on a highway to hell

In a judgment affecting multiple class-action lawsuits, a US court has ruled automakers can harvest the data exchanged when owners sync their phones with their car’s internal systems.

Doctolib will keine Kritik zulassen | Digitalcourage

2021 hat Doctolib für sein Arzttermintool einen BigBrotherAward bekommen für seinen Umgang mit Patientendaten. Jetzt mahnt der Dienstleister Konkurrenten ab, die auf Datenschutzkritik an Doctolib hinweisen.

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