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Fedora 30 - Laptop Close Lid Behavior

+ Edit /etc/systemd/logind.conf file:
+ Find text #HandleLidSwitch=suspend
+ Change suspend to ignore and remove the #
+ Save file with changes

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I Found A „Next Big Thing” (And A Job)

Dear readers,

you probably remember that I was looking for that „Next Big Thing” and a job? And that I was not able to exactly put into words what I really, really wanted?

Well, that process ended. I still don’t know, what I really, really want. But I found a „Next Big Thing” – and a job.

Spoiler: They are not the same.

So that „Next Big Thing” that found me – thanks to JoeMoe – is
They are a very interesting StartUp in Dornbirn, that offers a solution/database to „scale modern applications in a machine data world”. crate is an awesome combination of NoSQL scalability with a SQL interface that provides a „no-change necessary” drop-in replacement ABI for Postgres. A technically very „funky”, very fast, very cool product. I love it. If you are into IoT, time series data and/or fast, scalable databases for massive ammounts of data, give crate a thorough look – it’s inspiring.
So why do I not work there? Well, I almost did, but it did not work out for personal reasons, that I am not discussing here. But if you are clever and bold and looking for a job or a fast, scalable database, please do give them a look. The product and the team are more then awesome. Just because it did not work out for me should by no means imply that they are not „The Next Big Thing” or a bad employer.

So where did I end up? Well, in the „Digital Solutions” department of HCL TechnologiesHCL Software” division. That’s the company, that – amongst other things – acquired Notes, Domino, Sametime, Connections, FEB (LEAP) and SafeLinx (IMC) from IBM. So as an „Senior Lab Services Consultant”, I will help existing and new Customers to gain the best out of our product portfolio. HCL has exciting plans for the whole product portfolio as well as the „low code/no code” market. I am very enthusiastic about all that, so contact me if you want to know more. ;)

So yes, I failed in finding that „zig-a-zag-ah”, but I found an interesting and challenging job within an inspiring team of friends and professionals, that already keeps me more then busy and very engaged.

I can not complain at all at the moment.

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Links from 2019-11-11

Text Editing Hates You Too

Back in 2017, I was building a rich text editor in the browser. Unsatisfied with existing libraries that used ContentEditable, I thought to myself “hey, I’ll just reimplement text selection myself! How difficult could it possibly be?” I was young. Naive. I estimated it would take two weeks. In reality, attempting to solve this problem would consume several years of my life, and even landed me a full time job for a year implementing text editing for a new operating system.

Text Rendering Hates You

Rendering text, how hard could it be? As it turns out, incredibly hard! To my knowledge, literally no system renders text "perfectly". It’s all best-effort, although some efforts are more important than others.

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„Leyrers Online Pamphlet“ ist die persönliche Website von mir, Martin Leyrer. Die hier veröffentlichten Beiträge spiegeln meine Ideen, Interessen, meinen Humor und fallweise auch mein Leben wider.
The postings on this site are my own and do not represent the positions, strategies or opinions of any former, current or future employer of mine.

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