Lotusphere 2006 -- Day 3

Sessions, sessions, sessions. As there were no more press-breakouts this day, I was able to concentrate on the sessions. And boy, was there some great stuff out there.



BP106 Worst Practices in IBM Lotus Domino - Learning From the Mistakes of Others

What should I say? If you are part of the Domino-Blogsphere, you probably allready read about the session by Bill Buchan and Paul Mooney.

Bill Buchan and Paul Mooney I

Bill Buchan and Paul Mooney II

If you have some money left, get the DVD, it’s definately worth it. Hillarious session, lots of greate tips and gotchas packed into one hell of a show.

ID401 The Boss Loves Microsoft: Where Does That Leave Lotus?

Ed gave a great show as always. What I personally didn’t like was Sara Nagelvoorts part of the session. It was more a sales pitch than some information on MS vs. Notes, which everyone expected (I presume). She also needed some time „to get into“ her presentation, stop the „ahm“s and made, at least to me, teh impression, that she didn’t know exactly WHAT she was talking about and WHY.

Cudos to Ed Brill for granting Paul Mooney a pair of yellow boxing gloves for his analysis on „Microsofts Application Analyzer 2006 for Lotus Notes“, which they removed shortly after publication.

What I really felt strange about in the forst place was the codename for this overrated, overhyped and almost comletely useless tool. Microsoft named it „Red Bull“, which is also an „Energy Drink“ from a company in my home country Austria. And if you did A LITTE RESEARCH, you would notice, that Red Bull is actually a Notes shop. I would call ist „wishfull thinking“ on Microsofts part and hope that Red Bulls IP-lawyers don’t stumble over that. Red Bull is very pedantic about the use of their name.

But what is even worse than that is, that Ed Brill – Business Unit Executive, Worldwide Lotus Messaging Sales, IBM Software Group – has to be told by me and a view others, that Red Bull actually IS a very happy and loyal Notes customer.

BP302 Application Performance Techniques for IBM Lotus Domino Developers

Jamie Magee and Kevin Marshall gave a great session on specific coding methods to prevent performance bottlenecks as well as great tips on locating performance problems. They also went to great to great lengths in telling the audience when to look at what to speed up applications.

BTW – if you ever are in a session with Kevin and there are free t-shirts to give away – always keep eye contact with him, he can throw a t-shirt (at least the small ones) all the way to the back of the room with stunning force.

BP309 Extreme Integration - Techniques for Advanced Integration of Office and OpenOffice with IBM Lotus Notes and Domino

Extreamly cool session by John Head. He showed how a Notes-Database can be used as a repository for Office-Templates. He even made an OpenNTF project out of it. He also showed Domino Webservice integration into Office applications and processed some date from a Domino Webservice in a WinForms application built with Visual Studio (never mind that WinForms will be replaced by something completely different in Windows Vista). He even showed, how Visual Studio for Office (VSTO) didn’t work. :D

The coolest stuff: a demo on how to do mailmerge with OpenOffice Writer and the Notes Personal Address Book.

Slides and Demos of this session are available in his bog. He also made the Microsoft Office Constant Databases available.

BP312 Object Orientated LotusScript Techniques and Tricks

Wild Bill on Object Orientated (Oriented for the US) Programming – I would have missed that one for anything. Great session, lots of fun and you can always learn something from Bill. This „“ stuff got me thinking on how I could apply it in my daily business.

Thankfully Bill made his slides available online.

BP303 Big-Time Tips and Tricks for Your IBM Lotus Domino Web Applications: The Great Code Giveaway!

Rob and Victor from SNAPS allways give great sessions. This time, is was all about free code to solve common problems. Their criteria for selection were:
  • must solve a real problem
  • must be usable in a different context than the original purpose
  • must have been developed already
  • must not be for sale
They offered Thumbnail Creator, Calendar, Sametime Bot and a Edit in place view . The first one is a image resizing application done as a pure Java agent with no external depenecies, running on R6 and up. The second one is a non intrusive facelift for the calendar view, based on CSS, XML and Ajax. The third application is a nice litte Sametime Bot, that changes its online status when new relevant content is added. So no more mails, messageds, etc. The Bot just changes status when something interesting is coming in.

The forth tool really blew my socks of. A feature rich „Edit in view“ solution for the web. Easy to install, easy to use. So grab it, while the offer it. Dowloads will only be available for one month.

Other stuff

After the sessions, I was wasted and called it a day. I didn’t even went to Seaworld, which wasn’t that great after all, from what I heard from other bloggers. I just went for a litte walk, grabbed some food and called it a day.

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