Lotusphere 2006, Day 1

Surviving the Welcome Party, the official part of Lotusphere started. One nice thing about being accredited as a member of the press is the reserved seating area during the keynote. Saves a lot of time queing and getting a seat and in the front row it not only offers a great view, but also lots of legroom.




I allready blogged a litte bit about the contents of the keynote and will probably post some more regarding the different topics, so I will comment on the keynote itself here. Jason Alexander (cast member of Seinfeld) is fine, but after patrick Stewart and John Cleese, this was a step back in guest speakers. The presentation was „american” as usual. Big screen, big videos, bad jokes. The only fun stuff was the part on Activity Explorer and Activities model by Craig Hayman. He did that in a slowed down Dick Hart style.

PR conference

Die Pressekonferenz war ziemlich öd. Zwei „wichtige” Analysten meinten, sie müssten ihre Gedanken vor den Kollegen und der Presse ausbreiten, was die Fragezeit drastisch verkürzte. Hinzu kam, dass IBM meinte, sie müssten eine US-Kundengeschichte präsentieren. Die war für uns Europäer aber sowas von uninteressant. Wurscht, auch das ging vorbei. Edit: Sorry, I can’t explain, why I wrote that in german. Pressconference was a drag, Some bloddy analysts had that „great” idea of telling everyone about their ideas and thoughts, which cut down time for questions dramaticaly. Also the presentation of some US-customer testimonial was timeconsuming and absolutely uninteressting.

IBM Lotus Domino Web Facelift Using Ajax and DXL

They use Javascript and CSS together with Ajax and a view Agents to change the look of Notes-Applications on the web. And teh really nice thing about that: there is almost no change to the application necessary. Take a look at http://faceliftfordomino.com/.

BP403 Best Practices: IBM Lotus Domino for Linux

Delivered by Daniel Nashed, that session had a high geek factor. I am looking forward to get my hands on the slides. Lots of background infomration on the memory handling, threads, Linux versions, etc. Daniel also offers a cool Domino start-script. Take a look at http://www.nashcom.de/nshweb/pages/startscript.htm

Product Showcase I

I also made my first round through he product showcase. Lots of different and interessting solutions. If you are there, drop by at the redbook pedestal and tell the guys how much you love the redbooks. They really appreciate it.

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