Let's link again

Too much to do, to much to work, to much to see, read and write. Therefor I neglected my blog for some days. Let me make up with a list of interesting links.



The whole truth on Pac-Man and Co.

Pac-Man is a junkie and has marriage-problems? Mario, Donkey Kong and the princess in a „manage a trois”? Videogame Theater.

I’m sorry Dave, I’m afraid I can’t do that.

IBM works, according to Yanko Design, on a digital recorder, with an „HAL”isch design. The included voice recognition software will allow for google-like search through the recording. Also included is a fingerprint reader. Must have! ;)

Wanna work like Lando Calrissian?

Italian company Eurotech announced, according to LinuxDevices.com, an wrist-worn wearable computer that runs either Linux or Windows CE. This is so unbelivale cool. Also a must have!

New Bags

Slappa has some nice bags. Now if only the shipping to europe would be cheaper!

Why CeBIT blocks all SSl-traffic

If you are a journalist at europs biggest IT-show CeBIT, you are out of luck, if you a9 want to transfer files larger than 1,2 MB over the Internet (neither SMTP nor HTTP will work). If you depend on SSL to transmit data over the Internet (Webmail, etc.) you are also at loss? Why? Because someone could tunnel SSH over HTTPS, and the organizers don’t want that.

If Linux ruled the world

You probably all know the old article on NewsForge where a Linux user reviews Windows XP. We all know, that Linux is not Windows, but there is a nice article that describes an all OSS company.

Let it snow

Here in europe, we are still in the tight grip oft the winter. But it is still quite funny to see some people in the Bay Area coping with the first snow in 30 years. Make sure to watch the video!

Why I won’t buy an BMW

A motorist was trapped in his car driving at almost 130mph for 60 miles after the accelerator jammed.

Very cool

Desktop Earth is a wallpaper generator for Windows. It runs whenever you’re logged on and updates your wallpaper with an accurate representation of the Earth as it would be seen from space at that precise moment.

World’s largest Windows error message

You have seen them on ATMs, on your computer at home, but know Microsoft conquered Times Square in New York.

Videos for foureyes

Wann see the lessons, the students at MIT get to see? Watch MIT video!


Chewy has a blog!

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