Lotusphere 2007, Day 0

Technical difficulties prevented me from blogging earlier. Details on that later. As SWMBO has allready blogged about my leave to Lotusphere 2007, I will spare you the details, why I stayed up very long, to get everything ready before I left.

I decided to fly AUA again. The alternative – with KLM via Amsterdam – would have spared me the transit in Washington, but I am not willing to wait 10 hours at Amsterdam airport to wait for my connection-flight back home.

The flight was, as usual uneventfull. The AKG K 28 NC headphones (with integrated active noise reduction) I had for the flight were greate. The airplane noise was noticeable softened.

Upon arrival in Washington, I was not as lucky as vowe. I had about 1,5 hours to get through Immigration, Customs and Security to catch my connecting flight to Orlando. After immigration, there were about 5 minutes left. So I lost my customs form, got a new one, filled that out, got the immigrations officer to sign it and passed customs (by handing out the form to a bored official.

Could somebody explain to me, why I have to get my bag, drag ist along for about 100 meters and drop it of in a heap of other luggage in front of an x-ray machine? And why do I have to be scanned again, before I get to my connection flight? I got checked in Vienna and had no chance to leave the restricted area.

And while we are at it – why are there no restrooms between the airplane and immigrations? Next time, I will piss in the corner of the hall in front of the imigration counters if they need over an hour to process a few passengers. But I guess that the arrival of three european airplanes took them by surprise.

After a short sprint (thanks to some renovation, you do not need a bus shuttle to get from international arrivals to the domestic flights any more) I barely cought my flight, meeting vowe and the guys from Pentos. The flight itself was uneventfull and I arrived in Orlando at about eight in the evening. A good hour later, a Mears shuttle, conveniently disguised as a Disney’s Magical Express bus, dropped off ute, vowe, Wolfgang Sommergut and me at the Dolphin.

The plan was to go to the ESPN Sports Bar for a night cap with vowe, Turtle, Duffbert and the others, but I got highjacked by a few fellow Austrians. A few beers later, I went back to the Dolfin and hit the sack.

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