Domino 8 - Best of

Here are a few – at least to me – interesting facts on Domino 8, that I collected at several sessions during Lotusphere 2007:

  1. ND8 adds support for 2048 bit keys for users and servers and 4096 bit key for certifiers
  2. Weak and medium encryption options have been removed from NSF file encryption (Existing databases using Weak or Medium encryption still supported)
  3. Still no support for CRLs, but for OCSP (RFC 2560) for checking revocation status of X.509 certificates.
    • OCSP is the way to go, as David S. Kern, resident Paranoid Lotus Software put it, as I asked him in the lab.
    • And … drumroll please … against all odds, A-Trust allready supports OCSP. Now I am a happy camper. :)
    • OCSP must be enabled to be used: OCSP_RESPONDER, OCSP_LOGLEVEL, OCSP_CERTSTATUS notes.ini variables for a Domino server
    • Thanks to Jason Gary of the Deployments, Performance, & Interoperability (DPI) Lab for listening to me and sending me over to David Kern.
  4. Internet Password Lockout – „3 strikes” for http (about time, I would say), but you can overrule it with user security policies for for CEOs or other users with special needs (rotfl)
    • Internet Password Lockout automatcially creates Inetlockout.nsf on each server and contains current lockout state
    • Deleting a user’s entry in inetlockout.nsf on the correct server will unlock
    • Each Inetlockout.nsf has the same replica ID, but replication is disabled by default
    • Lockout history is logged via DDM
    • Custom Login Forms can be created for locked out users
  5. More development centric (some of this stuff is allready available in 7.0.2 but the sold it as „new in 8” ;) ):
    1. Need to add attributes to the <html> tag? In Domino 8, just use the „$$HTMLTagAttributes” field.
    2. Want to controll the doctype of the html-document and other „pre”-html-tag stuff? Use the „$$HTMLFrontMatter”. At last, we are able to „choose” the quirks-mode of the browser.
    3. $$HTMLOptions controls HTML generation at the form or field level. Valid (name=value pairs) are RowAtATimeTableAlt, ForceSectionExpan, ForceOutlineExpand, DisablePassThruHTML and TextExactSpacing.
    4. DisablePassThruHTML will be a way to prevent end-users from putting HTML tags into fields
    5. There is JSON support in Domino 8 URLs!!! And word of mouth has it, that this also works in Domino 7 (try it out ;). Just add „$OutputFormat=JSON” to „?ReadViewEntries”.
      See Codestore: Putting Domino’s JSON to Use for more details.
    6. New C-API to allow stand alone applications to access Notes documents and get back HTML. There are also routines for accessing URLs. This will make Rod Boothby very happy. ;)
    7. $Abstract – This field will hold the first n Bytes of Body field for display in a view
  6. Domino 8 will have an I/O reduction by 50% (no new hardware necessary?)
  7. New ODS version (optional on update) with these benefits:
    • design document compression will lead up to 50 % smaller templates
    • On demand Collations -> no additional view index for every sort-option in a view
    • Enhanced User Activities
  8. Transaction logging optimization
  9. General Availability for DB2 as a datastore
    • DB2->Notes user mapping eliminated for Query Views
    • official support for mail databases
    • Special fields (columns like Server, DBName) in DB2 Access Views
    • HTTP Parameterized Query Views -> @URLQueryString to use HTTP-parameters in SELECT-statements
  10. Persistend Mail Threads – threads will render, even if the root of the is not present

And this is just an excerpt, watch out for more.

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