Dragon's Lair for Blu-ray

At least ONE good reason to buy a PlayStation 3. The Register reports: Dragon’s Lair, the now 24-year-old animated video game developed by one-time Disney animator Don Bluth for laserdisc players, is back, remastered for the HD era and now available to buy on Bluth-ray Disc - sorry, Blu-ray Disc.

Screenshot Dragons Lair

You will find a Dragons Lair history after the jump.



1982 (Early) Rick Dyer begins developing a game entitled Dragon’s Lair. He employs writers and storyboard artists to assemble a concept for Dirk the Daring, the Magic Castle, a dragon, and a beautiful princess.
1982 (October) Rick and Cinematronics’ president, Jim Pearce, approach Don Bluth Productions (Don Bluth/Gary Goldman) to become a partner in the creation of this historic laser disc game.
1983 (March) Dragon’s Lair is the hit of the Chicago Game Convention.
1983 (June) Tthe first Dragon’s Lair arcade coin-op games ship to arcades across North America (including Canada). The success of Dragon’s Lair breaths new life into the arcade industry and ushers in a new series of games. The title becomes a household name and licenses are granted for lunch boxes, children’s sleepwear, stickers, collector’s cards and board games. In 1984, a TV series is created and airs that same year, then followed by a vast number of video game versions for home entertainment…
1984 Dragon’s Lair for Coleco Adam (cartridge)
1987 Dragon’s Lair for Commodore 64 (cassette)
1987 Dragon’s Lair (Escape From Singe’s Castle) for Commodore 64 (floppy disk)
1989 Dragon’s Lair for the Commodore Amiga (floppy disk)
  Dragon’s Lair (Escape From Singe’s Castle) for Commodore Amiga (floppy disk)
1990 Dragon’s Lair for Macintosh Plus / SE (floppy disk)
  Dragon’s Lair for Nintendo NES
  Dragon’s Lair for Nintendo Game Boy®
  Dragon’s Lair for Atari ST
1991 Dragon’s Lair for PC (floppy disk)
  Dragon’s Lair (Escape from Singe’s Castle) for PC (floppy disk)
1992 Dragon’s Lair (Escape from Singe’s Castle) for Macintosh II and LC (floppy disk)
  Dragon’s Lair (The Curse of Mordroc) for PC (floppy disk)
  Dragon’s Lair (The Curse of Mordred) for Macintosh II and LC (floppy disk)
  Dragon’s Lair for Nintendo Super NES
1993 Dragon’s Lair for Sega CD (CD)
  Dragon’s Lair for PC (CD-ROM)
  Dragon’s Lair for 3DO (CD)
1994 Dragon’s Lair for MAC (CD-ROM)
  Dragon’s Lair for CD-I (CD)
1995 Dragon’s Lair for Atari Jaguar
1997 Dragon’s Lair Deluxe Pack for PC (CD-ROM)
  Dragon’s Lair DVD-ROM for PC (DVD-ROM)
1998 Dragon’s Lair DVD-Video for home DVD players (DVD)
2000 Dragon’s Lair for Nintendo Game Boy® Color
2001 Dragon’s Lair Arcade Authentic for PC (CD-ROM)
2002 Dragon’s Lair 3D for PlayStation®2, Nintendo GameCube™, Xbox™, PC (CD-ROM), MAC
April 9th, 2007 Dragon’s Lair Blu-ray

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