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What I didn’t consider while naming this site was the different meaning of „pamphlet” in German and English. While the English „pamphlet” would correspond to the German „Flugblatt”, the fitting translation for the German „Pamphlet” into English would be „lampoon”.

A few friends bugged my now for a long time to add comments to my blog. The comment-mail I provided was not enough. Also, m³s online pamphlet was mentioned in’s „Österreichs bemerkenswerte Blogs/Austrias Noteworthy Blogs”, although, as Rolf accurately annotated, I had comments disabled.

This is all about to change. Not only did I rearrange the content and implemented a new layout, I also added – at last – a comment function. Right now, comments are open for all pamphlet entries not older then 90 days. And – for now – all comments will be moderated before publication. Not to censor you, but to keep comment-spam under control.

A few ground rules apply. Post with your name and a valid e-mail address. Keep it civil and legal according to Austrian law. Your comments are your own, not mine – you are liable for them I will try to keep discussions open, even if I do not agree with everything said. But be warned, that I may disable comments, delete comments or block IPs and whatnot if I resolve to do so. My house, my rules. ;)

So comment all you want. German and English are fine. I effectively pretend to understand both languages.

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Sehr fein sehr fein. :-)
Langsam wirds ja echt ein Blog :P

congrats on enabling comments... and keep up the work.

the number of rants, however, would justify the german "Pamphlet" any time ;-)


Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeendlich kann ich wo mein ganzen URLs reinschreiben und Produkte anbieten.... :) Ist ja auch Zeit geworden.


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