My First WinAmp Plugin

Until now, I haven’t found a single Winamp-Plugin that I would like to install. But my young apprentice pointed me to NxS Balloon Tip.

This plugin of the general purpose category displays a balloon style tooltip near the system tray when it discovers a track change in Winamp. You can change the format of the text inside the balloon tooltip and you can assign a custom hotkey (key combination) that will show the balloon as well as copy the text to the clipboard.

The output will look something like this:
Melissa Etheridge - Bring Me Some Water
Album: Greatest Hits - The Road Less Traveled
Länge: 03:54
Playing:4 of 17
File: D:\Users\m3\Music\Melissa Etheridge\Greatest Hits - The Road Less Traveled\04-Bring Me Some Water.mp3
44 kHz, 128 kbps, kein VBR, stereo

To get this I set:

Title formatting:
Album: %album%\r\nLänge: %length%\r\nPlaying:%plpos% of %pllen%\r\nFile: %filename%\r\n%srate% kHz, %bitrate% kbps, $ifgreater(%vbr%,0, VBR,kein VBR), %channels%
Balloon Title:
$caps2(%artist%) - $caps2(%title%)
Copy to clipboard title:
%artist% - %title%\r\nAlbum: %album%\r\nLänge: %length%\r\nPlaying:%plpos% of %pllen%\r\nFile: %filename%\r\n%srate% kHz, %bitrate% kbps, $ifgreater(%vbr%,0, VBR,kein VBR), %channels%

BTW – there is a bug in the current readme: The Playlist length is not „%pllength%” but „%pllen%”.

And if you use Winamp and NxS Balloon Tip with Windows Vista, do not forget to change the access rights to the plugin-directory, so that the current user can write to the „plugin.ini”. Otherwise your changes will be lost once you restart WinAmp.

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Weit du es, dass dein Code ber den Rand der Blackbox hinaus geht?

Potassium 2007-07-11 23:31

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