JMP203 Lotus Notes/Domino Application Development With DXL

Official description:

Lotus Domino XML (DXL) is a representation of Lotus Notes and Domino data in XML format and provides a great way to expose Lotus Domino application data to other platforms or to process data and design notes within an application. In this session, we’ll cover the basics of XML and DXL, and demonstrate examples of simple things one can do with DXL. Jump in and get ready to „jumpstart” your Lotus Notes and Domino application development with DXL!

JMP203 Lotus Notes/Domino Application Development With DXL I

Sumeet and Nick tried to span a broad topic, ranging from XML, DTDs, validation, namespaces, XLST to DTD and XML parser. Quickly building up the basic XML concepts, they switched from XML to DXL, how to use it in LotusScript, Java und C and then turning back to XML, Xpath and XLST and ending with the different XML parser-types and what to do with them.

Main points for me:

  • Watch out for the DXL Importer-Options for documents and design elements. Default is “do nothing”.
  • Starting in Notes 8, you can use “Exporter Filtering” to omit parts from the DXL ( OmitRichtextAttachments, RestrictToItemNames, etc.).
  • Starting in Notes 8, you can get the actual MIME of an e-mail in DXL (exporter.MIMEOption = MIMEOPTION_DXL)
  • exporter.UncompressAttachments = False prohibts the compression of attachments during the DXL-export, significantly improving running time at the cost of larger XML files.
  • Design-Elements not yet implemented in DXL: Navigators, Embedded Navigators, Web Service client library, Layout Regions in forms, WebServices
  • Sumeet: We are approaching 100% fidelity, For many uses, DXL in current releases is sufficient

JMP203 Lotus Notes/Domino Application Development With DXL II

What I did like

Very good “jumpstart”, picking the user up at the XML basics and taking them through all the DXL/XML goodness in two hours, touching on every “important” topic. IMHO a very carefully conceived session.

What I didn’t like

Although the session was all in all very good, I would have preferred to her more or see more demos on how I could use DXL in my everyday work as a developer.

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