ID3v2 Tag Information for Lotusphere 2008 recordings

IBM in her infinite wisdom decided to offer most of the sessions of Lotusphere 2008 as MP3s for the attendees. This is great, as you can listen to the sessions you were not able to attend.

Unfortunately, IBM/ were not able to name the files in a consistent way, create usefull directory names and attach some basic ID3v2 tags (speaker, session name, …) to the recordings. As is, the files provided by IBM are not useful at all.

Fortunately, there is the great session database by Ben, which holds all the information you may want incorporated into the MP3s. So after „a few” hours of tweaking, I came up with two Windows batch files to add some information to the MP3s and rename them in an consistent manner.

In order for these batch files to work, you will need the following:

  • The MP3s as provided by IBM for the attendees. I can and will not provide these.
  • A nice logo.jpg file to attach to the MP3s. I took the first slide of the session PDFs. As they are also probably copyrighted I will not provide this as well.
  • metamp3.exe – the commandline tool to add ID3v2 tags to MP3 files
  • The two batch files addID3.cmd and relocate.cmd, provided as a zip-file.

First off, create a directory, eg. „ls08”, and expand the zip-files you downloaded from IBM into this directory. Important: Preserve the directory structure and if you encounter duplicate filenames (yes, IBM was not able to prevent naming conflicts), add the letter „a” at the end of the filename before the „.mp3”! Otherwise my script won’t work.

Copy the metamp3.exe, the logo.jpg you created and my two batch files into this directory. If everything is in place, first run „addID3.cmd” to add the ID3v2 information and after that „relocate.cmd” to create a directory structure under the first level name „SANITIZED” and rename/move the MP3 files into that structure.

As always: I take no responsibility regarding what the scripts do and any potential data loss. Always make backups first!

If everything works as planned, your MP3 folder should look something like this:

Screenshot MP3 folder

I have NO idea, why IBM/ were not able to do the work I did. It would have been a lot easier for them.

Many thanks go once again to Ben for his great session database. My scripts would not have been possible without it.

And before you ask: No, I do not have a mac/linux version of my scripts. If you modified my scripts for the Mac or Linux please let me know, I will happily link to them.

BTW: If you still got the direct links to the MP3 zip-files, you can still download them, although IBM already closed down the website. Useful, if you are in Europe, as the download takes a lot of time and you may not have finished downloading yet.

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Hello Martin,

My apologies for the late response. I wanted to confirm with my colleagues to make sure I understood the issues that you mentioned here.

My understanding is that there were two ways to download podcasts from Lotusphere eMedia Center ( While this site is a password protected site, I believe a second site ( also provided these podcasts as larger file downloads. Please note that ON24 wasn't involved with this site and it seems to be down now.

For the eMedia Center, if you downloaded the file to your desktop, the file name displays such as “INV 101 IBM Lotus Software Overview and Strategy - Lotusphere 2008”. However, if you tried to download to a podcasting application like iTunes, there was a glitch on our side, which would name all the podcasts the same.

Thank you again for pointing out this issue to us. We are now in the process of fixing this glitch and thank you for pointing this out. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly.

Cece Salomon-Lee
ON24, Inc.

Cece Salomon-Lee 2008-02-27 18:22

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