Do Not Deviate From THE PROCESS!

This story at The Daily WTF reminds me of … ;)

„Whoah whoah whoah! Wait! Whatareyoudoing?”
Clyde looked up from the screen. „There was a BIOS error, I’m just going to clear it to bring this server back online.” He was second guessing himself at this point because of the senior tech’s reaction. „I mean, right?” he added.
„Just give me a minute. Don’t touch anything.”
Clyde stood motionless while the senior tech retrieved a clipboard. As he returned, he flipped through a few pages and sighed. „This change request doesn’t specify any keyboard activity, let alone any authorization for us to use the keyboard. And further…” he paused for a minute. „Wait here a sec. Don’t touch anything.”
Moments later, the senior tech returned with a printout. In big bold letters, the heading read „INTWEBSRV017.” His eyes scanned the page briefly. When he found what he was looking for, he pointed it out to Clyde. „See, here it says this is a hands-off server. Any actions not specifically authorized in a change request requires a separate change request with approval from a Senior Manager.”
The young tech was aware of all of the red tape and approvals that were required for most changes, but this was different. It was a BIOS error that required a single keystroke to clear, and he couldn’t imagine anyone having a problem with it. He tried to cautiously argue his point without denigrating The Process. „Well, the change request does say that we’re responsible for rebooting the computer. Surely pressing F1 falls under that… and regardless-”
„NO,” the senior tech emphatically interrupted. „I just said that we’re not authorized for this! You think that it’s safe to just make The Process up as you go? Without The Process, we have nothing. The Process Be Praised!”
Defensively, the junior tech replied „No, you’ve got me wrong! I’m not saying that we do anything without the appropriate change request form signed in triple-triplicate, I’m just saying that it should be assumed that rebooting the computer means that we can clear this BIOS error.”
„Look, I understand it sounds a little backwards, but we can not deviate from The Process.”

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