Lotusphere Online 2009, LotusLive, Missing Common Sense

During and after Lotusphere, IBM always offered PDFs of the presentations and (last year) also MP3s of the sessions for download via the Lotusphere Online conference site.
This year, they did it differently. This morning, I found this mail in my Inbox:

…On Friday, February 6, 2009 at 4:00 pm eastern time, Lotusphere Online 2009 will close. Registered conference attendees, including IBM participants, will still be able to meet, network, share and interact with other conference participants, as well as access presentation PDFs and soon, presentation MP3s, in LotusLive….

As I already had an LotusLive account, I loaded up the site and … nothing. No PDFs, no MP3s, no notice from IBM. Nada.

After looking around for another five minutes, I posted a question regarding this to Twitter and Facebook. Julian then pointed me to Alan’s blogposting, where Martha Hoyt (Product Manager for LotusLive) from LotusLive provided the crucial and in the e-mail and posting on ls09.info missing information:

The Lotusphere 2009 sessions will be posted when Lotusphere Online shuts down on Friday, February 6th, 2009 at 4pm. If you have joined LotusLive and you went to Lotusphere, you will be part of a Lotuphere2009 group. That group will have access to all the sessions right in your account. You will look in Files, see the left hand navigator and look or Collections, Collections Shared with me.

The Lotusphere group is a set of all the people who registered for Lotusphere 2009. So, whatever email address you used for that would be the one that would give you access.

Now if IBM would have added these two paragraphs to the e-mail and/or the posting on ls09.info, everything would have been clear and easy.
After registering another account using the e-mail address I used at Lotusphere, I saw the one file, that was already uploaded.

Dear IBM, please use a litte bit of common sense next time you send out such invites!

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