Setting up a LCS-WA5-45 as an WLAN-Bridge for my Xbox

The Longshine WA5-45 can operate in „Station Mode”, where it can connect „wired” devices to your wireless LAN. Unfortunately, this setup is not covered in detail in the „manual”. Therefore, here are the necessary steps:

1. Client Mode

On the back of the WA5-45, put the switch from „AP” to „Client” mode. Switch at the back of the router

2. Switch to Access Point network

  1. Configure the NIC of your PC/Laptop with the IP & Subnet
  2. Connect to with user „admin” and password „admin”.
  3. In „System Managment” -> „LAN Interface Setup”, allocate the Wa5-45 a free IP address from the IP-range of your „normal” WLAN-router (e.g. Keep DHCP on „disabled” and enter the IP of your WLAN-router as the Gateway.
    LAN Interface Setup
  4. save settings and reboot the WA5-45.

3. Configure WLAN Security

  1. Reconfigure the NIC of your Laptop/PC to the settings of your WLAN (enter the IP you assigned to the WA5-45 in step 2 als Gateway and DNS).
  2. connect to or the other IP you assigned to your WA5-45
  3. Go to „Security” and enter the WLAN-security parameters (encryption type, encryption key)
  4. Save settings, wait a few seconds and reboot the WA5-45.

4. Connect to WLAN

  1. Basic-Settings -> Show Site-Survey -> Refresh and hit „Refresh” until the SSID of the WLAN you want to connect to shows up
    WLAN site survey
  2. Select the WLAN you want to connect to and „Connect” (on first setup, that may be necessary twice)
  3. The „Wireless Basic Settings” should now show the SSID of the selected WLAN Wireless Basic Settings
  4. save settings and reboot the WA5-45.


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