Lotusphere 2010 - Simplified Slide-Download

As every year, IBM blesses the attendees of Lotusphere with „Lotusphere 2010 Online”, a „portal” to get – amongst other stuff – the slides to most/some presentations of the conference.
In their eternal wisdom, the organizers decided – as every year – not to offer a Notes-Database like Ben’s fabulous session database, so that you could easily download and update the slides, but only a „online solution” where you have to click your way through several „pages” to get to the slides. A very time consuming process.

vowe started a shared folder on Dropbox to spread out the work of downloading – with a few problems. ;)

I decided – again – to go a different route. And thankfully, IBM provided a means to download all the slides in a rather easy way: Lotusphere Online Mobile. Changing a parameter in the „Breakouts by Title” view-URL from „30” to „3000”, you are able to get a list of all the sessions at Lotusphere – which you could use to download all the PDFs with a tool like wget.

Unfortunately, there is one more problem to solve. IBM uses „Session Based Authentication”, which wget can’t „emulate”. So you have to make another POST-request with the authentication data to get the LTPA-Token into a file, before you can download the PDFs.

Without further ado, below are the two lines you need to fetch all the PDFs from Lotusphere Online 2010:

wget -E --keep-session-cookies --save-cookies cookies.txt --post-data "Username=[MAIL]&Password=[PASSWORD]" "http://www.lsonline.info/names.nsf?Login"
wget -ErH -nd -nH --timestamping -R */portal.nsf*,*.gif,*@OpenJavascriptLibrary -e robots=off -I /confapps/agenda.nsf/,/confapps/pdf.nsf/ --load-cookies cookies.txt "http://www.lsonline.info/confapps/agenda.nsf/WebViewByTitle?OpenView&start=1&count=3000"

Just replace „[MAIL]” with the e-mail address you used to register for Lotusphere and „[PASSWORD]” with the password you use to login into Lotusphere Online and you are good to go.

Caveat: wget also saves the HTML content of the pages leading to the PDFs, which you can discard afterwards. I haven’t found a way around that. But if you do know how, please let me know.

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