Awstats with Debian Lenny

Based on Debianhelp: Awstats Configuration in Debian

aptitude update
aptitude awstats

Run the awstats configure script to setup awstats for the domain you want to monitor.
Remember to repeat the configuration process for each domain you want to monitor.

cd /usr/share/doc/awstats/examples/
/usr/share/doc/awstats/examples$ perl

Answer the questions asked by the script in which you will need to know the full configuration file path of your web server(e.g. /etc/apache/httpd.conf), and the name of your domain for which you are setting up awstats( full-domain-name in this article).

While running the script it will complain that it is not being run from the default location (/usr/local/awstats).

Answer yes to the prompt to run from the non-standard location as the official Debian package of awstats places
the script in /usr/share/doc/awstats/examples/ which is the Debian way.(See the original for detailed script output)
After the script exits, you should set up an alias for awstats-icons in httpd.conf. Inserted it in the Aliases section.

The script adds it in the end of httpd.conf - comment/remove it and copy the code from the examples to the Apache config dir:
cp /usr/share/doc/awstats/examples/apache.conf /etc/apache2/conf.d/awstats
Now you can restart apache:
/etc/init.d/apache restart

Edit the awstats’ domain configuration file you just created /etc/awstats/awstats.full-domain-name.conf to have LogFormat=1. Default „LogFormat=4” does not show Browsers, OS, keywords, etc. Do make sure that the parameter SiteDomain has a value of the domain tomonitor. Generate stats the first time by using the following command.

(You can allow awstats to read your apache log file by changing permissions. Run „chmod o+r /var/log/apache/”):

/usr/lib/cgi-bin/ -config=full-domain-name

Setup a prerotate task to run before log rotate and change permissions of log file to 644.

vim /etc/logrotate.d/apache2
                if [ -x /usr/lib/cgi-bin/ -a -f /etc/awstats/ -a -r /var/log/apache2/ ]; then
                        /usr/lib/cgi-bin/ -update
vim /etc/cron.d/awstats
0,10,20,30,40,50 * * * * www-data [ -x /usr/lib/cgi-bin/ -a -f /etc/awstats/ -a -r /var/log/apache2/ ] && /usr/lib/cgi-bin/ -update 2>&1 >/dev/null

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