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An update on RDF concepts and some ontologies

Resource Description Framework (RDF) is the standard framework for the Semantic Web and a recommended framework for the Linked Data movement. This article details the most recent updates to and implications of the RDF concept specification. It also covers some new ontology specifications such as data cataloging vocabularies and RDF database mapping systems.

Your first cup of CoffeeScript, Part 1: Getting started

There’s a lot of hype and fuss about CoffeeScript, a new programming language built on top of JavaScript. CoffeeScript offers a clean syntax that should appeal to those who like Python or Ruby. It also provides many functional programming features inspired by languages such as Haskell and Lisp. CoffeeScript compiles into efficient JavaScript, and in addition to running the JavaScript in a web browser, you can use it with technologies such as Node.js for server applications. In this first article of a four-part series, get started with CoffeeScript and learn about the perks for developers. You will set up the CoffeeScript compiler and use it to create code that’s ready to run in a browser or server.

Scheduling in Hadoop

Hadoop implements the ability for pluggable schedulers that assign resources to jobs. However, as we know from traditional scheduling, not all algorithms are the same, and efficiency is workload and cluster dependent. Get to know Hadoop scheduling, and explore two of the algorithms available today: fair scheduling and capacity scheduling. Also, learn how these algorithms are tuned and in what scenarios they’re relevant.

Managing VLANs on mission-critical shared Ethernet adapters

Shared Ethernet adapters (SEAs) can be used for IEEE 802.1Q VLAN tagging. However, once the SEA is in use, you cannot make changes to the VLANs on the trunk virtual Ethernet adapter without stopping the SEA. By using separate virtual adapters for each tagged VLAN, you can attach a new virtual adapter with its new VLAN to the SEA without any downtime. Retiring a VLAN from the SEA can be just as easy with a modular approach: one tagged VLAN per virtual adapter.

Using Trust Association Interceptors with WebSphere Application Server to support OAuth tokens

Are you looking to share access of your protected resources by becoming an OAuth service provider? This article describes how you can use IBM® WebSphere® Application Server (V7.0 and later) with Trust Association Interceptors (TAI) to accept OAuth tokens for authorizing calls from applications or web sites (consumer) to protected resources. TAIs make it possible to support OAuth alongside other token services, such as LTPA, while meeting WS-Security restrictions.

64-bit versus 32-bit JVM: Understanding performance implications for WebSphere Commerce sites

Starting with Version 7 Fix Pack 1, IBM® WebSphere® Commerce supports a 64-bit Java™ Virtual Machine (JVM). This article discusses the costs and benefits of using a 64-bit JVM for WebSphere Commerce deployments, a typical memory utilization, and performance characteristics. When to switch and what to consider when moving to a 64-bit JVM is also discussed.

Firewall uptime and security with iptables

Iptables is the standard Linux® firewall application. It is easy to configure and maintain while powerful enough to provide the control expected from a high-end appliance. Learn how to get started with iptables, recover from common issues, and simulate a small-office usage scenario.

Implement secure SSH access to IBM Cloud

Understand how to upgrade, choose, and implement a highly effective, secure SSH connectivity solution to the IBM® Cloud by examining some recent trends underlying the migration of enterprise-level, remote computing to the cloud. Look at key areas to consider when making the shift from in-house handling of key processes to a cloud-based solution. Explore an existing end-to-end, server and client SSH security solution and see how it addresses real world regulatory requirements.

Running with Tripwire

The open source Tripwire® is a file integrity checker package that has been around for years and, though I have used it many times on Linux® distributions, I have only recently got around to using it on AIX®. This is mainly due to the following: * It is troublesome to compile using the gcc AIX version. * I prefer using the AIX built-in audit service. However, as there is now a Tripwire rpm for AIX, I use it for some of our AIX boxes. Tripwire does not provide a complete solution to intruder detection based on file changes, but coupled with running an AIX audit, it provides a firm security policy. Tripwire monitors for changes to files and directories on your system via the objects that you provide in the main policy file.

Learn Linux, 302 (Mixed environments): Performance tuning

In preparation for taking the Linux Professional Institute Certification exam LPI-302 for systems administrators, learn how to measure Samba performance and make Samba work faster.

Dojo from the ground up, Part 1: Getting started with Dojo development

The Dojo toolkit enables web application developers to create Rich Internet Applications by offering a wide variety of features that save development time and effort. From DOM helpers and Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (Ajax) to a full-blown widget library and object-orientation features, Dojo includes virtually everything you need to build large-scale Ajax-powered web applications. If the functions you are looking for are not included in Dojo itself, it’s likely that you can find them in DojoX, a repository of extensions and experimental features that are not included in the Base or Core modules of the toolkit. In this article series, learn how to develop Dojo-powered applications from the ground up, covering the basics, Dojo’s great object-orientation features, and the Dijit user interface library. By the end of this series, you will be well prepared to develop Dojo applications of your own.

Achieve cross-browser functionality with HTML5 and CSS3

HTML5 and CSS3 have many great new features, like the ability to store data offline and create round corners without graphics. However, not all of these new features work across browsers. Learn specific HTML5 and CSS3 techniques that work on all of the latest versions of the major browsers, including Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome.

HTML5 fundamentals, Part 1: Getting your feet wet

HTML5 reflects the monumental changes in the way you now do business on the web and in the cloud. This article is the first in a four-part series designed to spotlight changes in HTML5, beginning with the new tags and page organization and providing high-level information on web page design, the creation of forms, the use and value of the APIs, and the creative possibilities that Canvas provides.

Lazy Linux: 10 essential tricks for admins

Learn these 10 tricks and you’ll be the most powerful Linux® systems administrator in the universe…well, maybe not the universe, but you will need these tips to play in the big leagues. Learn about SSH tunnels, VNC, password recovery, console spying, and more. Examples accompany each trick, so you can duplicate them on your own systems.

Linux for Window systems administrators, Part 1: Managing and monitoring the extended file system

Windows and Linux use different file system architectures. Fortunately, your Windows experience can put you on the fast track to being comfortable managing and monitoring the Linux extended file systems. This article helps you learn your way around the extended disk file system family on Linux.

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