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Gastkommentar: Netzgemeinde, ihr werdet den Kampf verlieren! - Gastbeiträge - Meinung - Handelsblatt

Das ist die Gelegenheit, schon jetzt einen vorgezogenen Nachruf auf die Helden von Bits und Bytes, die Kämpfer für 0 und 1 zu formulieren. Denn, liebe „Netzgemeinde“: Ihr werdet den Kampf verlieren. Und das ist nicht die Offenbarung eines einsamen Apokalyptikers, es ist die Perspektive eines geschichtsbewussten Politikers. Auch die digitale Revolution wird ihre Kinder entlassen. Und das Web 2.0 wird bald Geschichte sein.

Hang The Pirates — But Start With The Movie Moguls And Record Execs « Nosey Parker

Law enforcement agents smash their way into a private building with sledgehammers and crowbars as part of a broad organized crackdown on “pirates” and “outlaws” who are brazenly flouting U.S. copyright and patent law, supposedly costing the legitimate copyright and patent holders a fortune in lost — “stolen” — revenue. The legally mandated enforcers cause extensive, malicious damage and confiscate equipment, files, material and money that are the legal property of the building’s owner, who is charged with a variety of offences related to the alleged theft of intellectual property in the form of motion-picture films and technology. Having shut down the business of the building without the necessity of a guilty verdict in court and having appropriated private property, again without a court finding of guilt, the enforcers leave the victim of their legally sanctioned invasion to pick up the broken pieces of his life.

Emily Bunting and Leigh Van Bryan: UK tourists arrested over ‘destroy America’ Twitter jokes | Mail Online

Two British tourists were barred from entering America after joking on Twitter that they were going to ‘destroy America’ and ‘dig up Marilyn Monroe’. Leigh Van Bryan, 26, was handcuffed and kept under armed guard in a cell with Mexican drug dealers for 12 hours after landing in Los Angeles with pal Emily Bunting. The Department of Homeland Security flagged him as a potential threat when he posted an excited tweet to his pals about his forthcoming trip to Hollywood which read: ‘Free this week, for quick gossip/prep before I go and destroy America?’

The Five Stages of Hosting (Pinboard Blog)

As a proud VPS survivor, I thought it might be fun to write up five common options for hosting a web business, ranked in decreasing order of ‘cloudiness’. People who aren’t interested in this kind of minutia would be wise to pull the rip cord right here.

Noam Chomsky: Mit zwölf zum Anarchisten geworden | Studium | ZEIT ONLINE

ZEIT Campus: Sollen alle Studenten Anarchisten werden? Chomsky: Ja. Studenten sollen Autoritäten herausfordern und sich damit in eine lange anarchistische Tradition einreihen. ZEIT Campus: »Autoritäten herausfordern« – auch ein Liberaler oder ein moderater Linker würde diese Aufforderung unterschreiben können. Chomsky: Sobald jemand illegitime Macht erkennt, herausfordert und überwindet, ist er Anarchist. Die meisten Menschen sind Anarchisten. Mir ist egal, wie sie sich nennen.

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Links from 2012-01-28

Understanding the bin, sbin, usr/bin , usr/sbin split

You know how Ken Thompson and Dennis Ritchie created Unix on a PDP-7 in 1969? Well around 1971 they upgraded to a PDP-11 with a pair of RK05 disk packs (1.5 megabytes each) for storage. When the operating system grew too big to fit on the first RK05 disk pack (their root filesystem) they let it leak into the second one, which is where all the user home directories lived (which is why the mount was called /usr). They replicated all the OS directories under there (/bin, /sbin, /lib, /tmp…) and wrote files to those new directories because their original disk was out of space. Of course they made rules about „when the system first boots, it has to come up enough to be able to mount the second disk on /usr, so don’t put things like the mount command /usr/bin or we’ll have a chicken and egg problem bringing the system up.”

Relaunched: the 6502 microprocessor - The H Open Source: News and Features

The 6502 processor from the 1970s is alive once again – and as a proper 40-pin chip in a dual in-line package (DIP) housing, not just as an embedded core. Mouser Electronics has added the 8-bit classic, since modernised by WDC (Western Design Center), to its product range, making it available in the UK for £4.90.

‘Born to Die,’ Lana Del Rey’s Debut Album -

The music is slow and full, a smoky mid-1960s cinema soundtrack, deployed pristinely, with crackling hip-hop drums setting the pace. It lulls and stirs and feels like one portent of doom after another. If it’s close to anything it’s to Portishead and the other gauzy British trip-hop of the early- to mid-1990s, which traded aggression for atmosphere, and leaned heavily on drama. On top of music like that, anything shy of full commitment would underwhelm, and over the course of this album, that’s just what happens.

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Links from 2012-01-26

Paris Review - The Art of Fiction No. 211, William Gibson

Today, Gibson is lanky and somewhat shy, avuncular and slow to speak—more what you would expect from the lapsed science-fiction enthusiast he was in 1972 than the genre-vanquishing hero he has become since the publication of his first novel, the hallucinatory hacker thriller Neuromancer, in 1984. Gibson resists being called a visionary, yet his nine novels constitute as subtle and clarifying a meditation on the transformation of culture by technology as has been written since the beginning of what we now know to call the information age.

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Links from 2012-01-24

Judge: Americans can be forced to decrypt their laptops | Privacy Inc. - CNET News

American citizens can be ordered to decrypt their PGP-scrambled hard drives for police to peruse for incriminating files, a federal judge in Colorado ruled today in what could become a precedent-setting case.

An interview with William Gibson | The Verge

During his recent book tour, he took time to talk about writing nonfiction, his love of cities, and his particular view of the present – all delivered in careful, precise words barely tinted with Southern accent.

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Linuxwochen Wien 2012 sucht Themen und Vorträge

Call for Papers - ab sofort bitten wir um Einreichung von Vorträgen und Themen. Die Linuxwochen Wien werden in der Zeit vom 3. bis 5. Mai
2012 an der FH Technikum Wien stattfinden.

Konferenzsprache: Deutsch, Englisch

Schwerpunkte in alphabetischer Reihenfolge:

  • Audio, Multimedia & Arts (Sound Design, Videoschnitt, …)
  • Content Management, Webanwendungen, Webprogrammierung
  • Datenschutz, Verschlüsselung, Free Software (Gnu, GPG, Tor, …)
  • Robotik und Steuerung (Arduino, Lego Mindstorm, …)
  • GIS, GeoDaten, OpenData (Grass, OpenStreetMap, QGis, …)
  • IT Security
  • Programme für Home und Office PCs (Office, Browser, Email, …)
  • Smartphones Hardware und Software (z.B. Android) & plattformunabhängig
  • Software Entwicklung von Anwendungen bis Embedded Devices
  • Grafik, Visualisierung, 3D (Gimp, Blender, Inkscape, …)
  • Spieleentwicklung & Game Design & Level Editing
  • Systemadministration, Cloud & Cluster, Virtualisierung
  • Wirtschaft(sförderung) & Recht

Wir freuen uns über alle Einreichungen und versuchen ein möglichst breites Themenspektrum im Vortragsprogramm zu berücksichtigen.

Der „CfP-Manager” ist die Organisationssoftware der Linuxwochen 2012. Vorträge können im CfP Manager online eingereicht und bis zum Ende der Einreichfrist vom Autor geändert werden. Die Accounts aus den Vorjahren können weiterhin benutzt werden.

Wie in jedem Jahr versuchen wir auch heuer wieder neue Interessierte für Linux und Open Source zu begeistern. Daher können Vorträge, die bereits in den Vorjahren gehalten wurden, nochmals (und auch gerne in aktualisierter Form) eingereicht werden.

Die Einreichfrist endet am 1. April 2012.

Alle personenbezogenen Daten werden vertraulich behandelt.

Bitte leiten Sie diese Einladung an möglichst viele Interessierte weiter.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
das Programmkommitee der Linuxwochen Wien 2012.

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Links from 2012-01-22

An update on RDF concepts and some ontologies

Resource Description Framework (RDF) is the standard framework for the Semantic Web and a recommended framework for the Linked Data movement. This article details the most recent updates to and implications of the RDF concept specification. It also covers some new ontology specifications such as data cataloging vocabularies and RDF database mapping systems.

Your first cup of CoffeeScript, Part 1: Getting started

There’s a lot of hype and fuss about CoffeeScript, a new programming language built on top of JavaScript. CoffeeScript offers a clean syntax that should appeal to those who like Python or Ruby. It also provides many functional programming features inspired by languages such as Haskell and Lisp. CoffeeScript compiles into efficient JavaScript, and in addition to running the JavaScript in a web browser, you can use it with technologies such as Node.js for server applications. In this first article of a four-part series, get started with CoffeeScript and learn about the perks for developers. You will set up the CoffeeScript compiler and use it to create code that’s ready to run in a browser or server.

Scheduling in Hadoop

Hadoop implements the ability for pluggable schedulers that assign resources to jobs. However, as we know from traditional scheduling, not all algorithms are the same, and efficiency is workload and cluster dependent. Get to know Hadoop scheduling, and explore two of the algorithms available today: fair scheduling and capacity scheduling. Also, learn how these algorithms are tuned and in what scenarios they’re relevant.

Managing VLANs on mission-critical shared Ethernet adapters

Shared Ethernet adapters (SEAs) can be used for IEEE 802.1Q VLAN tagging. However, once the SEA is in use, you cannot make changes to the VLANs on the trunk virtual Ethernet adapter without stopping the SEA. By using separate virtual adapters for each tagged VLAN, you can attach a new virtual adapter with its new VLAN to the SEA without any downtime. Retiring a VLAN from the SEA can be just as easy with a modular approach: one tagged VLAN per virtual adapter.

Using Trust Association Interceptors with WebSphere Application Server to support OAuth tokens

Are you looking to share access of your protected resources by becoming an OAuth service provider? This article describes how you can use IBM® WebSphere® Application Server (V7.0 and later) with Trust Association Interceptors (TAI) to accept OAuth tokens for authorizing calls from applications or web sites (consumer) to protected resources. TAIs make it possible to support OAuth alongside other token services, such as LTPA, while meeting WS-Security restrictions.

64-bit versus 32-bit JVM: Understanding performance implications for WebSphere Commerce sites

Starting with Version 7 Fix Pack 1, IBM® WebSphere® Commerce supports a 64-bit Java™ Virtual Machine (JVM). This article discusses the costs and benefits of using a 64-bit JVM for WebSphere Commerce deployments, a typical memory utilization, and performance characteristics. When to switch and what to consider when moving to a 64-bit JVM is also discussed.

Firewall uptime and security with iptables

Iptables is the standard Linux® firewall application. It is easy to configure and maintain while powerful enough to provide the control expected from a high-end appliance. Learn how to get started with iptables, recover from common issues, and simulate a small-office usage scenario.

Implement secure SSH access to IBM Cloud

Understand how to upgrade, choose, and implement a highly effective, secure SSH connectivity solution to the IBM® Cloud by examining some recent trends underlying the migration of enterprise-level, remote computing to the cloud. Look at key areas to consider when making the shift from in-house handling of key processes to a cloud-based solution. Explore an existing end-to-end, server and client SSH security solution and see how it addresses real world regulatory requirements.

Running with Tripwire

The open source Tripwire® is a file integrity checker package that has been around for years and, though I have used it many times on Linux® distributions, I have only recently got around to using it on AIX®. This is mainly due to the following: * It is troublesome to compile using the gcc AIX version. * I prefer using the AIX built-in audit service. However, as there is now a Tripwire rpm for AIX, I use it for some of our AIX boxes. Tripwire does not provide a complete solution to intruder detection based on file changes, but coupled with running an AIX audit, it provides a firm security policy. Tripwire monitors for changes to files and directories on your system via the objects that you provide in the main policy file.

Learn Linux, 302 (Mixed environments): Performance tuning

In preparation for taking the Linux Professional Institute Certification exam LPI-302 for systems administrators, learn how to measure Samba performance and make Samba work faster.

Dojo from the ground up, Part 1: Getting started with Dojo development

The Dojo toolkit enables web application developers to create Rich Internet Applications by offering a wide variety of features that save development time and effort. From DOM helpers and Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (Ajax) to a full-blown widget library and object-orientation features, Dojo includes virtually everything you need to build large-scale Ajax-powered web applications. If the functions you are looking for are not included in Dojo itself, it’s likely that you can find them in DojoX, a repository of extensions and experimental features that are not included in the Base or Core modules of the toolkit. In this article series, learn how to develop Dojo-powered applications from the ground up, covering the basics, Dojo’s great object-orientation features, and the Dijit user interface library. By the end of this series, you will be well prepared to develop Dojo applications of your own.

Achieve cross-browser functionality with HTML5 and CSS3

HTML5 and CSS3 have many great new features, like the ability to store data offline and create round corners without graphics. However, not all of these new features work across browsers. Learn specific HTML5 and CSS3 techniques that work on all of the latest versions of the major browsers, including Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome.

HTML5 fundamentals, Part 1: Getting your feet wet

HTML5 reflects the monumental changes in the way you now do business on the web and in the cloud. This article is the first in a four-part series designed to spotlight changes in HTML5, beginning with the new tags and page organization and providing high-level information on web page design, the creation of forms, the use and value of the APIs, and the creative possibilities that Canvas provides.

Lazy Linux: 10 essential tricks for admins

Learn these 10 tricks and you’ll be the most powerful Linux® systems administrator in the universe…well, maybe not the universe, but you will need these tips to play in the big leagues. Learn about SSH tunnels, VNC, password recovery, console spying, and more. Examples accompany each trick, so you can duplicate them on your own systems.

Linux for Window systems administrators, Part 1: Managing and monitoring the extended file system

Windows and Linux use different file system architectures. Fortunately, your Windows experience can put you on the fast track to being comfortable managing and monitoring the Linux extended file systems. This article helps you learn your way around the extended disk file system family on Linux.

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Links from 2012-01-20

Deprecated Linux networking commands and their replacements « Doug Vitale Tech Blog

I mentioned some Linux tools that, while still included and functional in many Linux distributions, are actually considered deprecated and therefore should be phased out in favor of more modern replacements. Specifically, the deprecated Linux networking commands in question are: arp, ifconfig, iptunnel, iwconfig, nameif, netstat, and route. These programs (except iwconfig) are included in the net-tools package that has been unmaintained for years. The functionality provided by several of these utilities has been reproduced and improved in the new iproute2 suite, primarily by using its new ip command.

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Links from 2012-01-16

IBM Gives Birth to Amazing E-mail-less Man | Wired Enterprise |

So in February 2008, he all but stopped sending e-mail. He didn’t wipe out his inbox. In fact, he still checks e-mail daily — it takes him about two minutes per day; most messages are internal meeting notifications — and he still uses it for sensitive one-on-one conversations. But for the most part, when people write him, he answers via social media and suggests that they’d be better off chatting via Twitter, Google+, or on Connections, IBM’s internal social network. The idea is that if more of his communication is in the open, he’ll spend less time communicating.

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Links from 2012-01-08

Laptop seizures at customs cause thorny legal dispute - Business - The Boston Globe

David House took his laptop to Mexico a little over a year ago, hoping to squeeze in some work between sightseeing, fishing, and laying on the beach. All went well, vacation- and work-wise, until the former MIT researcher landed in Chicago, where federal agents seized his laptop, kept it for nearly two months, and may have shared information on his hard drive with several government agencies. They didn’t have a search warrant. They didn’t charge him with a crime. And there was nothing House could do about it. House, 24, ran into what civil liberties advocates call the “Constitution-free zone’’ at US ports of entry, where courts have carved out broad exceptions to the Fourth Amendment’s protection against unreasonable searches and seizures. As long as they don’t use invasive techniques such as strip searches, government agents don’t need reasonable suspicion or probable cause to seize what they want - including laptops, a 2008 appeals court ruling held.

Hackerangriff auf Bundespolizei wegen Familienzwist » Der Newsburger

Wie das Nachrichtenmagazin “Der Spiegel” vorab berichtet, ermitteln Kölner Fahnder gegen einen Beamten der Bundespolizei aus Frankfurt am Main. Der Mann habe demnach seiner Tochter einen Trojaner auf den Rechner gespielt, um ihr Treiben im Internet zu überwachen. Die Tochter habe allerdings einen Freund aus der Hacker-Szene gehabt, dem die Spionage auffiel. Um es dem neugierigen Vater heimzuzahlen, sei der Hacker in dessen Computer eingedrungen. Dort sah er, dass der Polizist dienstliche Mails an seinen Privatrechner umgeleitet hatte. Das ebnete dem Hacker den Weg ins Innere der Bundespolizei. Als Folge des Angriffs musste der “Patras”-Server abgeschaltet werden, über den die Polizei Verdächtige observiert.

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Oh, the Places You'll Go!

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Do You Still Trust the Printer In You Network?

28c3: Hacking MFPs, Part2 - PostScript: Um, you’ve been hacked

Costin found a method to exploit the firmware update capability of certain Xerox MFPs to upload his crafted PostScript code. He was able to run code to dump memory from the printer. This could allow an attacker to grab passwords for the administration interface or access or print PIN-protected documents.


28c3: Print Me If You Dare

Cui discovered that he could load arbitrary software into any printer by embedding it in a malicious document or by connecting to the printer online. As part of his presentation, he performed two demonstrations: in the first, he sent a document to a printer that contained a malicious version of the OS that caused it to copy the documents it printed and post them to an IP address on the Internet; in the second, he took over a remote printer with a malicious document, caused that printer to scan the LAN for vulnerable PCs, compromise a PC, and turn it into a proxy that gave him access through the firewall.

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Close To The Edit

I always knew that the bass line is playable!

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Musik herunterladen, ohne Raubmordkopien zu erstellen

365 Titel, 132 verschiedene Künstler, 26 Stunden, vierzehn Minuten und vierzig Sekunden Musik, das ist das Ergebnis des ersten Jahres „ccMixter-Song des Tages”.

Die komplette Sammlung kann via BitTorrent (klick) und via eDonkey (klick) heruntergeladen werden. Es sind viele verschiedene Musikstile in dem Paket, auch die meisten Künstler sind nicht auf einen Stil festgelegt. Vor allem die Top-5 haben eine große Bandbreite in ihrem Repertoire.

Wer bei ccmixter auf dem laufenden bleiben möchte, dem sei dieser Link ans Herz gelegt, dort sind alle Remixes zeitlich absteigend sortiert zu finden. Alles dort durchzuhören ist aber sehr schwierig, wenn man es nicht regelmässig macht, die fast 3.000 letztes Jahr eingestellten Lieder haben eine geschätzte Spielzeit von 212 Stunden. Selbst wenn man von jedem Lied nur 10 Sekunden hört braucht man trotzdem über acht Stunden, um sich einen ersten Überblick zu verschaffen. Als recht gute Orientierungshilfe, was es sich zu hören lohnt, können die Empfehlungen herangezogen werden. Hier ist aber zu beachten, dass von den ccMixtern oft auch künstlerische Fähigkeiten gewürdigt werden, was sich nicht immer im Hörgenuss für den Normalhörer niederschlägt.

Nochmal exklusiver ist die Übersicht Editors’ Picks. Hier werden von verschiedenen Künstlern die Lieder gesammelt, die aus der schieren Masse ganz besonders hervorstechen. Zu guter letzt gibt es auch noch eine Übersicht der Lieder, die in den meisten Playlisten zu finden sind. Hier ist allerdings sehr wenig Bewegung zu verzeichen, da die Daten nicht zurückgesetzt werden und es neue Lieder schwerer haben, „entdeckt” zu werden.

via ccMixter-Song des Tages - 2011 |

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Links from 2012-01-05

Der Selbstzweck heiligt die Mittelmäßigen - Florian Scheuba - › Meinung

Im SchülerStandard vom 21. 12. 2011 wird Werner Faymann gefragt, was das höchste Ziel eines Politikers sei. Was glauben Sie, war seine Antwort? Frieden? Mehrung des Wohlstandes? Soziale Gerechtigkeit? Nachhaltige Reformen? Weit gefehlt. Laut amtierendem Bundeskanzler der Republik Österreich ist es das höchste Ziel eines Politikers, „gewählt zu werden”.

Festplattenabgabe kommt vor den OGH -

Im Streit über die Urheberrechtsabgabe auf Festplatten musste die Musikverwertungsgesellschaft Austro Mechana einen Rückschlag hinnehmen. Das Oberlandesgericht Wien hat einer Berufung der Gesellschaft gegen das erste für sie negative Urteil nicht Folge geleistet. Gegenüber sagte Austro-Mechana-Direktorin Ulrike Sedlacek am Donnerstag, dass sie am Obersten Gerichtshof (OGH) Berufung einlegen werde.

Vorratsdatenspeicherung: EU-Kommission rudert zurück | Telepolis

Nicht nur zu Datensicherheit und Speicherdauer deutet sich in Brüssel ein Kurswechsel bei der Vorratsdatenspeicherung an. Selbst ihre EU-weit einheitliche Regelung steht zur Disposition

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Watch ALL of the talks from 28c3

The 28th Annual Chaos Communications Congress just wrapped things up on December 31st and they’ve already published recordings of all the talks at the event. These talks were live-streamed, but if you didn’t find time in your schedule to see all that you wanted, you’ll be happy to find your way to the YouTube collection of the event.

The topics span a surprising range. We were surprised to see a panel discussion on depression and suicide among geeks (hosted by [Mitch Altman]) which joins another panel called Queer Geeks, to address some social issues rather than just hardcore security tech. But there’s plenty of that as well with topics on cryptography, security within web applications, and also a segment on electronic currencies like Bitcoins.

There really is something for everyone and they’ve been thoughtful enough to include playlists for all talks, just the lightning talks, and lightning talks categorized by the day they occurred. Get those links from their YouTube channel description, or find them after the break.

28c3 Playlist Links:

via Lydschi’s klare Brühe

Watch all the movies!

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Links from 2012-01-03

Belarus not restricting Internet access after all?

The only people who are banned from using foreign services altogether are commercial entities, and then only for use in their business. Which would be a bit of a blow if you run a business, but it’s administered by the tax police, so you can see why they’re doing it – revenue collection not censorship. They’re closing loopholes by specifying in the legal process exactly what the crime is and what the penalty is. Giles added that this wasn’t much of a story, except that it’s been misrepresented by the US Congress link.

Weißrussland macht dicht » Von kilian »

Während in anderen Ländern noch diskutiert wird, wie man das Internet am besten im Zaum hält, hat Weißrussland bereits einen großen Schritt gemacht: Am 6. Januar tritt ein Gesetz in Kraft, das das Aufrufen von im Ausland stehenden Servern unter Strafe stellt.

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Politik-Berichterstattung im ORF - Ein Vorschlag

Lieber ORF,

Ihr schafft es doch, bei jeder Sportveranstaltung vorher, nachher und zwischendurch so genannte „Experten” einzubinden, welche die Leistung der Athleten analysieren und kommentieren.
Wie wäre es, wenn Ihr das auch nach jedem Politiker-Interview und jeder übertragenen Politiker-Rede etablieren würdet. Und damit meine ich nicht, einen der drei Politik-Analysten/Berater/… zu nehmen, die sowieso immer ihren Senf abgeben dürfen, sondern mal zur Abwechslung Sprachwissenschafter, Linguisten und dergleichen.

Als Beispiel möchte ich den Vortrag „Die Koalition setzt sich aber aktiv und ernsthaft dafür ein” vom 28c3 vorlegen, in dessen Verlauf Martin Haase die Politikeraussagen wunderbar auf ihre tatsächliche Aussage einkocht.

Als weiteres Beispiel sei auch noch die Ausgabe 12 des Podcasts „Alternativlos” genannt, welche sich ebenso diesem Thema und dem Neuspreblog widmete.

So könnte der ORF seinem Bildungsauftrag nachkommen und diese NLP geschulten und gespindoctorten Politiker in Interviews wieder dazu bringen, Fragen mit konkreten Aussagen zu beantworten.

Ceterum censeo: Österreich braucht ein C-SPAN Pendant (siehe auch „House Republicans Turn Off C-Span Cameras”).

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Links from 2012-01-02

[Occupants] - C-SPAN Video Library

Henry Rollins talks about his photographs from various places around the world,including Iraq, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, North Korea, Burma, and Saudi Arabia. This event was hosted by National Geographic in Washington, DC.

What Americans Keep Ignoring About Finland’s School Success - Anu Partanen - National - The Atlantic

For Sahlberg what matters is that in Finland all teachers and administrators are given prestige, decent pay, and a lot of responsibility. A master’s degree is required to enter the profession, and teacher training programs are among the most selective professional schools in the country. If a teacher is bad, it is the principal’s responsibility to notice and deal with it. And while Americans love to talk about competition, Sahlberg points out that nothing makes Finns more uncomfortable. In his book Sahlberg quotes a line from Finnish writer named Samuli Puronen: „Real winners do not compete.” It’s hard to think of a more un-American idea, but when it comes to education, Finland’s success shows that the Finnish attitude might have merits. There are no lists of best schools or teachers in Finland. The main driver of education policy is not competition between teachers and between schools, but cooperation.

Wie Europa beinahe das Internet erfand | Technology Review

Die Wiege des Internets steht in den USA. Doch das World Wide Web hätte auch diesseits des Atlantiks seinen Ausgang nehmen können.

Jahr der Vorratsdaten 2012 -

Wie die Flut an ablehnenden Stellungnahmen zum österrreichischen Gesetzentwurf zeigt, ist auch hier das Protestpotenzial beachtlich: Von Aidshilfen über die evangelische Kirche biѕ zu Standesvertretungen von Rechtsanwälten, Ärzten und Journalisten. Mittlerweile hat die Erkenntnis breitere Kreise gezogen, dass mit dieser Methode auch alle jene genau erfasst werden, die nichts zu verbergen haben. Außer ihrem Berufsgeheimis: ärztliche Schweigepflicht, Beichtgeheimnis, Informantenschutz etc.

Wir brauchen wütende Nerds | Technology Review

Der Siegeszug von PC und Web hat Innovation und Kommunikation zu einer neuen Blüte verholfen. Software wurde auf vielen Maschinen installiert und verband Entwickler mit Millionen von Nutzern. Webseiten konnten überall erscheinen und verbanden Webmaster mit Millionen von Websurfern. Heute hingegen ballen sich die Aktivitäten auf einer Handvoll von Portalen. […] Doch sowohl Entwickler als auch Nutzer sollten fordernder sein. […] Nutzer wiederum sollten sich öfter auf alternative Apps einlassen und die Plattformen, die sie noch anbieten – und damit den Geist des PC-Konzepts hochhalten. […] Wenn wir von den Annehmlichkeiten in eingemauerten Gärten einlullen lassen, verpassen wir die Innovationen, die die Gärtner aussperren. Und wir ermöglichen eine Zensur von Code und Inhalten, die früher nicht möglich war. Wir brauchen endlich ein paar wütende Nerds.

Polizeidaten-Weitergabe: Wien geriet in Zwickmühle «

Im Vertrag, der neben Fingerabdrücken und DNA-Profilen auch die Weitergabe von Daten über politische Einstellung, sexuelle Orientierung, Religionszugehörigkeit und Mitgliedschaften in Gewerkschaften ermöglicht, steht ausdrücklich: „Privatpersonen erwachsen keine Rechte aus dem Abkommen.“ Zwar sagt das Außenamt heute, dass „dem Einzelnen in den USA eine Reihe von vor allem administrativen, aber auch gerichtlichen Rechtsmitteln zur Verfügung“ steht. Andererseits findet sich im Akt desselben Ministeriums eine interne Analyse, in der davon die Rede ist, dass ohne die in den USA nicht vorhandenen Individualrechte für Österreicher „nicht mit einer Zustimmung des Nationalrates“ zu rechnen sei. Trotzdem will man den Vertragstext zur Abstimmung bringen.

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28c3 - Much fun was had

Really awesome SMS printer at the #28C3 (Telex machine)


28C3 BlinkenArea - Behind Enemy Lines


Nick Farr dancing on Stage on 28c3


Nick Farr’s Laser Cutter Story


28c3: Fnord-Jahresrückblick (GEMA-free Remix)


28c3: Hacker Jeopardy


28c3: The Atari 2600 Video Computer System: The Ultimate Talk


28c3: Behind the scenes of a C64 demo


28c3: NOC Review


28c3: Die Koalition setzt sich aber aktiv und ernsthaft dafür ein - Sprachlicher Nebel in der Politik

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Links from 2012-01-01

Software bug fingered as cause of Aussie A330 plunge - The problem was fixed by turning the unit off and then on again

The final report into the 2008 Qantas flight QF72, which unexpectedly dived twice during a routine flight, has blamed a combination of software and hardware errors for the incident.

0. Spackeriade Vortragsaufzeichnungen online | Die datenschutzkritische Spackeria

Die 0. Spackeriade will eine Plattform geben für alle, die sich mit Datalove, Kontrollverlust, sozialer Vernetzung, Post-Privacy oder Informationsfreiheit in mehr oder weniger utopischer Art und Weise auseinandersetzen möchten.

2011: The Year Intellectual Property Trumped Civil Liberties | Threat Level |

This dichotomy played itself out over and again in 2011, as lawmakers — Democrats and Republicans alike — turned a blind eye to important civil liberties issues, including Patriot Act reform, and instead paid heed to the content industry’s desires to stop piracy. “Any civil liberties agenda was a complete non-starter with Congress and the Obama administration,” said Cindy Cohn, the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s legal director. “They had no interest in finding any balance in civil liberties.”

Fefes Blog

Als letzte Amtshandlung im alten Jahr hat Obama noch schnell das neue Terrorgesetz unterschrieben. Change we can believe in! Aber hey, ist nicht so schlimm, er hat dafür drangeschrieben, dass er die neuen Ermächtigungen nicht auszunutzen gedenkt. Oh und er sagt, er habe Bauchschmerzen gehabt. Na dann.

minimig - FPGA-based re-implementation of the original Amiga 500 hardware - Google Project Hosting

Minimig stands for Mini Amiga. Minimig is an FPGA-based re-implementation of the original Amiga 500 hardware. In it’s current form, Minimig is a single PCB measuring only 12*12cm which makes it the smallest „Amiga” ever made and the first new „Amiga” in almost 14 years! Minimig is available for download as an open-source / open-hardware design under the GNU public license.

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