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Learn Linux, 302 (Mixed environments): SWAT configuration

The Samba Web Administration Tool (SWAT) is a web-based administration tool for Samba, enabling GUI configuration from any computer with a web browser. SWAT is a server in its own right, and like all servers, it requires at least minimal configuration. In this article, learn how to install and configure SWAT itself and how to use SWAT to manage Samba.

Efficient JavaScript unit testing

JavaScript code that runs on one browser does not necessarily mean it will work on others. Without unit testing this code, organizations pay money for testing and re-testing web applications when deciding to upgrade or support new browsers. In this article, learn how efficient unit testing of your JavaScript can reduce testing costs and make it easier for you to support more browsers.

More locks for your SSH door

Security isn’t an exact science, so the more difficulties you can put in a hacker’s way, the better. This article considers how to enhance Secure Shell (SSH) access by eliminating passwords and using public/private key pairs instead. The article also explores how to recognize and block possible attacks, including brute-force and dictionary attacks, by denying server access to origins that are identified as unsafe.

Casting spells with ImageMagick

ImageMagick is a suite of open source tools for creating, editing, and converting bitmap images. The advanced developer can leverage its many capabilities to produce quality, professional bitmap images, and other artwork for display on websites, in marketing brochures, and anywhere the artistic mood may strike. Licensed under the Apache 2.0 license, ImageMagick can be freely used, copied, modified, and distributed in both open and proprietary applications.

ACTA und sein „böser Zwilling” -

Der für den pazifischen Raum vorgesehene Klon des auf die EU gerichteten „Anti-Piraterie”-Abkommens sieht ein Mitspracherecht von Konzernen bei nationalen Gesetzen vor. Juristen orten einen „Krieg gegen die digitale Welt”. Die wahrscheinlich beste Beschreibung der Reaktion des Handelskommissars Karel de Gucht auf die Massenproteste gegen ACTA sei eine „Mixtur aus Irritation and Arroganz”, schreibt der auf EU-Recht spezialisierte finnische Anwalt und Rechtsblogger Ralf Grahn. De Gucht hatte auf die zunehmend wütende Kritik von Netzaktivisten am „Anti-Piraterie”-Abkommen ACTA reagiert - indem er ihnen nicht antwortete. De Gucht schrieb vielmehr an den Ausschuss für internationalen Handel des EU Parlaments und zieh Organisationen wie La Quadrature du Net der Verbreitung von Falschinformationen.

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