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Make the most of large drives with GPT and Linux

Once a remote prospect, an important barrier in disk storage has become a reality: the venerable master boot record (MBR) partitioning scheme can’t fully handle disks larger than 2.2TB (2TiB). With disks as large as 3TB readily available and with much larger RAID arrays common, alternatives to the MBR partitioning scheme have become important to understand. The heir apparent is the GUID Partition Table (GPT). Learn how to make sure your Linux system is fully prepared for the future of disk storage.

From the Editors: And the developers shall lead them - SD Times: Software Development News

Microsoft has always understood that to win a platform war, you must engage the developer community. More than engage: Energize. Empower. Aggressive support for developers, through great tools, outstanding technical guidance and marketing assistance, propelled Windows past OS/2 so many years ago. It’s how Microsoft has remained the desktop leader for so many years. But the world has changed, and in important new spaces (smartphones, tablets and the cloud), Microsoft clearly is lagging. Not only are consumers voting for non-Microsoft products, but developers are as well. Take phones. Apple and Google, with iOS and Android, have raced out of the starting gate and left Microsoft plodding, well up the track and way off the pace of smartphones and tablets.

DevOps for mobile development

Mobile computing is probably the hottest topic for development and operations teams right now. Employees in companies large and small have various mobile devices, many of them personal, that they are using for work. Companies all over the world want to exploit the mobile market by providing customers and users with apps that make mobile computing easier. So, it is important for companies to think through not just the development of a mobile capability but also how they will deploy it and how they can ensure the continuity of the capabilities as these change over time. This article covers how DevOps (development & operations) can help address the issues of deploying different versions of apps to different devices.

The business case for collaborative DevOps (The Invisible Thread)

There’s a lot of talk these days about DevOps, designing processes for coordinating software development teams with IT operations teams. The talk is being driven by companies challenged by a fast-moving market, an ever changing regulatory landscape, and transformational change. All companies today require agility in their business processes. While many companies limit the scope of DevOps to deployment automation, IBM takes a much broader view. DevOps is really about improved automation, integration, collaboration, and optimization of development and operations, the ultimate goal being improved business outcomes.

Using HTML5 database and offline capabilities

HTML5 will reshape the web experience and line-of-business applications. With the offline capabilities and local persisted storage features, you can deliver the same rich user experiences online and offline that were previously available only in proprietary desktop application development frameworks. In this article, learn how to leverage HTML5 offline capabilities and local persisted storage features. An example application illustrates how to avoid common problems.

Managing time in DB2 with temporal consistency

The new temporal features in IBM® DB2® 10 provide rich capabilities for time-based data management. For example, a date range can be assigned to each row of data to indicate when a row is deemed valid by your applications or business. Tables enabled to track such business validity are called application-period temporal tables and their business time periods can be in the past, present, or future. For a parent table and a child table that have a foreign key relationship, the notion of referential integrity can be extended to consider not only the traditional key value but also the business time period of any given row. This article explains such temporal referential integrity and how time-based consistency can be enforced in DB2. The content of this article is applicable to DB2 for z/OS® and DB2 for Linux®, UNIX®, and Windows®; all included SQL samples were tested in DB2 10.1 for LUW.

Big data analytics for video, mobile, and social game monetization

The game industry is experiencing tremendous change as the traditional gaming landscape expands to include new types of games, platforms, and players. Game developers and brands have an opportunity to apply these big data analytics techniques to capture rich and varied behavioral and multi-structured game and player data. You can store this data in noSQL databases and integrate it with relational transactional databases to gain keen competitive advantages through deeper and more actionable insights.

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