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Birchpunk’s brilliant debut video is "RUSSIAN CYBERPUNK FARM // РУССКАЯ КИБЕРДЕРЕВНЯ," a 4:30 comedo-dystopian design fiction in the form of a recruiting ad for a futuristic Russian roboticized farm

Flash Animations Live Forever at the Internet Archive

The Internet Archive — the non-profit digital library known for the Wayback Machine — announced that it will now preserve Flash animations and games, ahead of Adobe’s planned demise for the defunct web software at the end of 2020.

TeleTypewriter, Teletype,TTY connected to Silicon Graphics Machine VFCEAST Festival 2019 - YouTube

TeleTypewriter, Teletype,TTY connected to Silicon Graphics Machine VFCEAST Festival 2019

Pivot Back to Phone Calls

the phone call — is actually better as a fill-in for the in-person meeting, in most cases, I find. There are plusses and minuses, obviously. And your own mileage may vary. But I much, much, much prefer the phone call now to the Zoom call.

Freedom to move. Freedom to not be putting on some kind of visual performance. Freedom to not have to stare at a screen because the other person is staring at their screen.

Animated sci-fi short based on ‘Blindsight’ by Peter Watts

Blindsight is a gorgeous animated short by Danil Krivoruchko that teases the possibility of a film adaptation of the 2006 Peter Watts book.

Watch Every Episode of Bob Ross’ The Joy Of Painting Free Online

All 403 episodes of alla prima virtuoso Bob Ross’s Joy of Painting are free to watch on Ross’ official Youtube channel.

Ship -

Supply Dolf Veenvliet’s ship.shapewright a name, and it will generate a spaceship for you. <3

The Secret Sounds of “Song Exploder”

In 2014, the electronic musician Hrishikesh Hirway launched a biweekly podcast, “Song Exploder,” that works as a tonic for such confusion. Each episode sees a guest artist dissect a song he or she has written, recorded, or produced, considering the provenance and punch of its individual components. The premise might sound vaguely clinical, or even joyless—music, of course, is about more than its parts—but “Song Exploder,” which is in its sixth year and has recently been adapted into a Netflix series, is warm, deep, and illuminating. The show is rooted in Hirway’s expansive curiosity about how, exactly, art is made. After a while, his central question—“How did you get from nothing to this?”—begins to feel applicable to nearly every endeavor we undertake.

The balkanization of the cloud is bad for everyone

USA going mimimimimi because of GDPR and data sovereignty thoughts in Europe …

Governments around the world are passing measures that require companies to host infrastructure and store certain kinds of data in local jurisdictions. Some also require companies that operate within their borders to provide the government with access to data and code stored in the cloud.

If we allow the principle of digital sovereignty to encroach further, cloud service providers will be bound by national interests, and consumers will bear significant costs. Power will be further concentrated in the hands of a few large players. And fragmentation along national lines will make it harder for anyone to solve global problems that rely on interoperable technology.

In Europe, concern about the dominance of US and Chinese cloud service providers has sparked efforts to create a European cloud. The GAIA-X project, for example, aims to direct European companies toward domestic cloud providers. Moreover, measures like GDPR, with its focus on data governance, give an advantage to European providers that might not otherwise be competitive.

The Seven Secrets of 2020 by Yanis Varoufakis

1) What we discovered in 2020 is that governments had been choosing not to exercise their enormous powers so that those whom globalization had enriched could exercise their own.
2) Governments that proclaimed their impecunity whenever called upon to pay for a hospital here or a school there suddenly discovered oodles of cash to pay for furlough wages, nationalize railways, take over airlines, support carmakers, and even prop up gyms and hairdressers.
3) Solvency is a political decision, at least in the rich West.
4) the mountains of concentrated private wealth we observe have very little to do with entrepreneurship
5) science depends on state aid, and its effectiveness is oblivious to its public standing
6) Liberated from competition, colossal platform companies like Amazon did astonishingly well from capitalism’s demise and its replacement by something resembling techno-feudalism.
7) There is no longer any reason why we should accept things as they are

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