How To Share History Between Terminals

When setopt share_history is enabled, it reads and writes to the history file.
When setopt inc_append_history is enabled, it only writes to the history file.

shopt -s histappend

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Covid-19 Chunks 2020-12-30

"Join Meeting" is "The Office" for the Zoomdemic era

Jeff Royder, Sr. Acct Mgr, is the Michael Scott character in this funny short and too-real series called Join Meeting about a group of employees having Zoom meetings. There are five episodes so far, directed by Benji Weinstein.

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Links from 2020-12-30

Minimal Consent - Browsing made seamless again.

Minimal Consent beantwortet Cookie Banner automatisch und sorgt somit für ein ungestörtes Surferlebnis. Minimal Consent lehnt alle Cookies ab, die für den Betrieb der Seite nicht nötig sind. Dazu gehören ua. Cookies zum Tracken des Nutzerverhaltens.

Graduate class: "Advanced Programming in the UNIX Environment" at Stevens Institute of Technology

In this course, students will learn to develop complex system-level software in the C programming language while gaining an intimate understanding of the Unix operating system (and all OS that belong to this family, such as Linux, the BSDs, and even Mac OS X) and its programming environment.

Topics covered will include the user/kernel interface, fundamental concepts of Unix, user authentication, basic and advanced I/O, fileystems, signals, process relationships, and interprocess communication. Fundamental concepts of software development and maintenance on Unix systems (development and debugging tools such as "make" and "gdb") will also be covered.

Students are expected to have a good working knowledge of the C programming language, have written non-trivial programs before, and to be able to competently use a Unix system with a command-line shell interface. All coursework will be done exclusively on a Unix system from the command-line. This is not an introduction to using Unix!

A beginner’s guide to gawk | Enable Sysadmin

Using the Awk programming language, you can manipulate or extract data, generate reports, match patterns, perform calculations, and more, with great flexibility. Awk allows you to accomplish somewhat difficult tasks with a single line of code. To achieve the same results using traditional programming languages such as C or Python would require additional effort and many lines of code.

SSH defaults, config, and priorities | Root

Over the years I’ve collected a rather messy ~/.ssh/config which resulted in some undesired behavior as a result of me misunderstanding how the config file prioritizes its options.

Today I investigated that.
In short, this is what I found:

Priority goes from top to bottom
Defaults MUST come last
Host specificity is NOT a factor of priority
Host sections can be specified multiple times
Multiple hostnames (and aliases) may be specified per section
Host sections apply to the name you use (not what it resolves to)

Chris’s Wiki :: blog/unix/NewgrpCommandWhy

Did you know that #Unix groups have passwords? Apparently if you set one, you then have to use newgrp to log in to that group.

I have never seen anyone use unix group passwords.

There are some things to say about this, but the first thing you might wonder is why the newgrp command exists at all. The best answer is that it’s mostly a Unix historical relic (or, to put it another way, a fossil).

The story behind Markdown.

How plain text got formatting, styled like classic emails.

Don’t Copy Paste Into A Shell

When you see a shell command on the Internet, do not copy it into your terminal.

Modern JavaScript Clipboard APIs allow a website to trivially overwrite what you put inside your clipboard, without the user’s confirmation or permission.

Diving into /proc/[pid]/mem

My internship was under the Emerging Technologies and Incubation group on a project involving gVisor. A co-worker contacted my team about not being able to read the debug symbols of stack traces inside the sandbox. For example, when the isolated process crashed, this is what we saw in the logs:

Check failure stack trace:
@ 0x7ff5f69e50bd (unknown)
@ 0x7ff5f69e9c9c (unknown)
@ 0x7ff5f69e4dbd (unknown)
@ 0x7ff5f69e55a9 (unknown)
@ 0x5564b27912da (unknown)
@ 0x7ff5f650ecca (unknown)
@ 0x5564b27910fa (unknown)

Obviously, this wasn’t very useful. I eagerly volunteered to fix this stack unwinding code - how hard could it be?

Framasoft / Mobilizon · GitLab

Mobilizon is a tool designed to create platforms for managing communities and events. Its purpose is to help as many people as possible to free themselves from Facebook groups and events, from Meetup, etc.
The Mobilizon software is under a Free licence, so anyone can host a Mobilizon server, called an instance. These instances may federate with each other, so any person with an account on ExampleMeet will be able to register to an event created on SpecimenEvent.

How to prepare for the Docker Hub Rate Limits

Up until recently, public images were able to be pulled as many times as needed by a user with no rate-limiting, gating, or payments getting in the way. On Nov 1st, that is all going to change an the following will come into play:

Unauthenticated users: 100 pulls / 6 hours
Authenticated users: 200 pulls / 6 hours
Paying, authenticated users: unlimited downloads

typesense/typesense: Fast, typo tolerant, fuzzy search engine for building delightful search experiences ⚡ 🔍

Typesense is a fast, typo-tolerant search engine for building delightful search experiences.


Typo Tolerance: Handles typographical errors elegantly, out-of-the-box.
Simple and Delightful: Simple to set-up, integrate with, operate and scale.
zap Blazing Fast: Built in C++. Meticulously architected from the ground-up for low-latency (<50ms) instant searches.
Tunable Ranking: Easy to tailor your search results to perfection.
Sorting: Sort results based on a particular field at query time (helpful for features like "Sort by Price (asc)").
Faceting & Filtering: Drill down and refine results.
Grouping & Distinct: Group similar results together to show more variety.
Scoped API Keys: Generate API keys that only allow access to certain records, for multi-tenant applications.Synonyms: Define words as equivalents of each other, so searching for a word will also return results for the synonyms defined.Curation & Merchandizing: Boost particular records to a fixed position in the search results, to feature them.
Raft-based Clustering: Setup a distributed cluster that is highly available.
Seamless Version Upgrades: As new versions of Typesense come out, upgrading is as simple as swapping out the binary and restarting Typesense.

Mutt 2.0 Release Notes

Backward Incompatible Changes

This release was bumped to 2.0, not because of the magnitude of features (which is actually smaller than past releases), but because of a few changes that are backward incompatible. Please read this list carefully to be aware of these changes:

When using <attach-file> to browse and add multiple attachments to an email, you may use <quit> to exit after tagging the files. Previously, "enter" had to be pressed on a non-directory file. This was awkward and non-intuitive.
The default value of some configuration variables is translatable. Those are marked with type string (localized) in the manual. Examples include $attribution and $status_format.
$ssl_force_tls defaults set. If this sounds familiar, that’s because I tried this before in the 1.13.0 release, but reverted it after some breakage. I’m trying again with a major revision number bump. If you need to connect to a non-encrypted site, you will need to turn this setting off yourself.
<decode-copy> and <decode-save> no longer perform header weeding by default. Header weeding can be toggled back on by setting $copy_decode_weed.
$hostname is set after processing the muttrc and -e command-line arguments. This was done to provide a way to skip DNS lookups of the FQDN, which on some systems can result in a delay when starting up.
$reply_to is processed before $reply_self.
Normal configuration variables (as opposed to user-defined my variables) were previously escaped when used on the right hand side of an assignment. Newline was converted to "\n", carriage return to "\r", tab to "\t", backslash and double quotes were backslash escaped. This was a bug, but a long-standing one, so I note the change here.

Chrome Root Program - The Chromium Projects

Historically, Chrome has integrated with the Root Store provided by the platform on which it is running. Chrome is in the process of transitioning certificate verification to use a common implementation on all platforms where it’s under application control, namely Android, Chrome OS, Linux, Windows, and macOS. Apple policies prevent the Chrome Root Store and verifier from being used on Chrome for iOS. This will ensure users have a consistent experience across platforms, that developers have a consistent understanding of Chrome’s behavior, and that Chrome will be better able to protect the security and privacy of users’ connections to websites.

For CAs that already participate in other public Root Programs, such as the Mozilla Root Program, many of these requirements and processes should be familiar.

During this transition, the Chrome Root Store contains a variety of existing Certification Authorities’ certificates that have historically worked in Chrome on the majority of supported platforms. This promotes interoperability on different devices and platforms, and minimizes compatibility issues. This should ensure as seamless a transition as possible for users.

In addition to compatibility considerations, CAs have been selected on the basis of past and current publicly available and verified information, such as that within the Common CA Certificate Database (CCADB).

For Certification Authorities that have not been included as part of this initial Chrome Root Store, questions can be directed to Priority is given to CAs that are widely trusted on platforms that Chrome supports, in order to minimize compatibility issues.

Standing on Our Own Two Feet - Let’s Encrypt - Free SSL/TLS Certificates

Let’s Encrypt will start signing certificates with its own root certificate,
ISRG Root X1. It was included in the Root Certificate program in 2016, but
there are still plenty of devices online that haven’t received updates since
then (#TheHorror).

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Mental Health

Read the whole piece!

Everybody who goes through mental health issues has a unique story, but for me (and I think this is probably true for a lot of people), my entire identity was tied to one thing in a really unhealthy way. Way before I was in the NBA or even in college, my self-worth was all about performing. I was what I did, which I think a lot of people can relate to, whether they’re a chef or a lawyer or a nurse or whatever the profession. I just happened to play basketball. When I wasn’t performing, I didn’t feel like I was succeeding as a person.

To Anybody Going Through It, by Kevin Love

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Links from 2020-12-29


Birchpunk’s brilliant debut video is "RUSSIAN CYBERPUNK FARM // РУССКАЯ КИБЕРДЕРЕВНЯ," a 4:30 comedo-dystopian design fiction in the form of a recruiting ad for a futuristic Russian roboticized farm

Flash Animations Live Forever at the Internet Archive

The Internet Archive — the non-profit digital library known for the Wayback Machine — announced that it will now preserve Flash animations and games, ahead of Adobe’s planned demise for the defunct web software at the end of 2020.

TeleTypewriter, Teletype,TTY connected to Silicon Graphics Machine VFCEAST Festival 2019 - YouTube

TeleTypewriter, Teletype,TTY connected to Silicon Graphics Machine VFCEAST Festival 2019

Pivot Back to Phone Calls

the phone call — is actually better as a fill-in for the in-person meeting, in most cases, I find. There are plusses and minuses, obviously. And your own mileage may vary. But I much, much, much prefer the phone call now to the Zoom call.

Freedom to move. Freedom to not be putting on some kind of visual performance. Freedom to not have to stare at a screen because the other person is staring at their screen.

Animated sci-fi short based on ‘Blindsight’ by Peter Watts

Blindsight is a gorgeous animated short by Danil Krivoruchko that teases the possibility of a film adaptation of the 2006 Peter Watts book.

Watch Every Episode of Bob Ross’ The Joy Of Painting Free Online

All 403 episodes of alla prima virtuoso Bob Ross’s Joy of Painting are free to watch on Ross’ official Youtube channel.

Ship -

Supply Dolf Veenvliet’s ship.shapewright a name, and it will generate a spaceship for you. <3

The Secret Sounds of “Song Exploder”

In 2014, the electronic musician Hrishikesh Hirway launched a biweekly podcast, “Song Exploder,” that works as a tonic for such confusion. Each episode sees a guest artist dissect a song he or she has written, recorded, or produced, considering the provenance and punch of its individual components. The premise might sound vaguely clinical, or even joyless—music, of course, is about more than its parts—but “Song Exploder,” which is in its sixth year and has recently been adapted into a Netflix series, is warm, deep, and illuminating. The show is rooted in Hirway’s expansive curiosity about how, exactly, art is made. After a while, his central question—“How did you get from nothing to this?”—begins to feel applicable to nearly every endeavor we undertake.

The balkanization of the cloud is bad for everyone

USA going mimimimimi because of GDPR and data sovereignty thoughts in Europe …

Governments around the world are passing measures that require companies to host infrastructure and store certain kinds of data in local jurisdictions. Some also require companies that operate within their borders to provide the government with access to data and code stored in the cloud.

If we allow the principle of digital sovereignty to encroach further, cloud service providers will be bound by national interests, and consumers will bear significant costs. Power will be further concentrated in the hands of a few large players. And fragmentation along national lines will make it harder for anyone to solve global problems that rely on interoperable technology.

In Europe, concern about the dominance of US and Chinese cloud service providers has sparked efforts to create a European cloud. The GAIA-X project, for example, aims to direct European companies toward domestic cloud providers. Moreover, measures like GDPR, with its focus on data governance, give an advantage to European providers that might not otherwise be competitive.

The Seven Secrets of 2020 by Yanis Varoufakis

1) What we discovered in 2020 is that governments had been choosing not to exercise their enormous powers so that those whom globalization had enriched could exercise their own.
2) Governments that proclaimed their impecunity whenever called upon to pay for a hospital here or a school there suddenly discovered oodles of cash to pay for furlough wages, nationalize railways, take over airlines, support carmakers, and even prop up gyms and hairdressers.
3) Solvency is a political decision, at least in the rich West.
4) the mountains of concentrated private wealth we observe have very little to do with entrepreneurship
5) science depends on state aid, and its effectiveness is oblivious to its public standing
6) Liberated from competition, colossal platform companies like Amazon did astonishingly well from capitalism’s demise and its replacement by something resembling techno-feudalism.
7) There is no longer any reason why we should accept things as they are

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Links from 2020-12-28

The Rise and Fall of Getting Things Done

What Mann and his fellow-enthusiasts were doing felt perfectly natural: they were trying to be more productive in a knowledge-work environment that seemed increasingly frenetic and harder to control. What they didn’t realize was that they were reacting to a profound shift in the workplace that had gone largely unnoticed.

Jeffrey Paul: Your Computer Isn’t Yours

the world that Richard Stallman predicted in 1997. The one Cory Doctorow also warned us about.
On modern versions of macOS, you simply can’t power on your computer, launch a text editor or eBook reader, and write or read, without a log of your activity being transmitted and stored.
It turns out that in the current version of the macOS, the OS sends to Apple a hash (unique identifier) of each and every program you run, when you run it.

The Story of the Music Video for Take on Me by A-ha

In 1985, two groundbreaking works of animation could be viewed, sometimes in the same hour, on MTV.
One was “Take On Me,” the A-ha video in which a woman (actress Bunty Bailey) gets yanked out of a café by lead singer Morten Harket and into a black-and-white animated realm where they fall in love and get chased by bad guys. The other was “Money for Nothing,” the Dire Straits MTV diss track that brought the two complaining blue-collar workers from the song to 3-D animated life.
The two videos demonstrate how creative and technologically ambitious videos had become halfway through the decade, a fact reflected the following year at the 1986 MTV Video Music Awards, where the two were the most nominated videos of the night. “Take On Me” earned 8 nominations and won six awards, while “Money for Nothing” received 11 nominations and won two Moon Men, including the big prize, Video of the Year.

The Surprising Story of the First Microprocessors

You thought it started with the Intel 4004, but the tale is more complicated

The Definitive Guide to the Doctor Who Theme Music

Welcome to the definitive guide to the original theme music for long-running BBC science fiction series Doctor Who, composed in 1963 by Ron Grainer and realised by Delia Derbyshire and the BBC Radiophonic Workshop.

Email a dumpster fire

You may now send email to a dumpster fire, literally, then watch it burn.

  1. Send an email to with whatever you want to torch. Use plain text or an image attachment. PG-13 rules apply.
  2. Watch on the live feed as your message is created, conveyed, and then dropped into the rolling flames.

Instant Messaging vs. Email

You’ll get messages on the go – during the honeymoon period, you can even turn on notifications again! – and then need to come back to them later (because you’re on the go, and the messages are important).
Then, one of two things happens: either you fall back to email or the IM tool gets CC, BCC, mark unread, search and bulk messaging.
Except that it’s shitty email. It’s email that’s locked inside a social media company’s walled garden, with only one client, not federated.

The Attack Surface Lectures: Cyberpunk and Post Cyberpunk : Cory Doctorow

The Attack Surface Lectures were a series of eight panel discussions on the themes in Cory Doctorow’s novel Attack Surface, each hosted by a different bookstore and each accompanied by a different pair of guest speakers.
This program is "Cyberpunk and Post-Cyberpunk," hosted by Andersons Books in Napierville, IL with guest-hosts Bruce Sterling and Christopher Brown. It was recorded on October 19, 2020.

Why COBOL will never die

There are an estimated 240 billion lines of COBOL out there, and they’re the backbone of your financial life — 95% of the time when you swipe your bank card, there’s COBOL involved, and every night when the work-day is over, the massive mainframe farms of big banks leap into action, using COBOL to balance the day’s books.

Restoring a 37 Year-Old IBM F Mechanical Keyboard

I wanted to share my journey from start to finish to restore a 1983 IBM Model F XT mechanical keyboard to it’s former glory. It includes the steps, mistakes, and additional hardware required to make it functional with a modern computer. This blog post is dedicated to my dad for teaching me about computers.

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Links from 2020-12-27

Brilliant satirist Tom Lehrer’s catalog now in the public domain

Tom Lehrer has released all his works into the public domain. We have til 2024 to download them, however, when it appears his website will go down.

Shadow of the Beast on Atari 2600

Shadow of the Beast, released in 1989, became a hallmark of outstanding graphics, sound and aesthetic completeness. It wasn’t much of a game, but it sold a lot of Commodore Amigas in Europe. So tied was it to that machine’s peculiar 16-bit hardware that porting it to other systems became a challenge, a joke, even a form of outsider art. 

The Laundry Files: an updated chronology

I’ve been writing Laundry Files stories since 1999, and there’s now about 1.4 million words in that universe. That’s a lot of stuff: a typical novel these days is 100,000 words, but these books trend long, and this count includes 11 novels (of which, #10 comes out later this month) and some shorter work. It occurs to me that while some of you have been following them from the beginning, a lot of people come to them cold in the shape of one story or another.
So below the fold I’m going to explain the Laundry Files time line, the various sub-series that share the setting, and give a running order for the series—including short stories as well as novels.

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Covid-19 Chunks 2020-12-26

Don’t attend North Korea’s blockchain conference, warn UN sanctions experts

A forthcoming report from sanctions experts at the United Nations warns people not to attend a cryptocurrency conference in North Korea next month, since it might violate sanctions. The news: The confidential report will be submitted to the UN Security Council later this month, according to Reuters. It warns that previous presentations at the same…

How the North Korean hackers behind WannaCry got away with a stunning crypto-heist

Cyberattacks waged against cryptocurrency exchanges are now common, but the theft of just over $7 million from the Singapore-based exchange DragonEx last March stands out for at least three reasons.  First there is the extremely elaborate phishing scheme the attackers used to get in, which involved not only fake websites but also fake crypto-trading bots.…

A new money-laundering rule is forcing crypto exchanges to scramble

Global financial institutions use their own secure messaging system called SWIFT to exchange information about financial transactions and comply with money-laundering rules. Now cryptocurrency exchanges are under pressure from regulators to create a similar system, but it’s not at all clear how. The Travel Rule: In June, the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), the influential…

A crypto project to make internet names censorship-proof is now live

The Handshake Network, an ambitious public blockchain project whose developers want to reinvent how internet domain names are assigned, has  finally launched its main network after the project was revealed more than a year ago. Meet the DNS: When you enter a website name into your browser, you make a request of a network of…

Sweden is now testing its digital version of cash, the e-krona

The Riksbank, Sweden’s central bank, has announced the launch of a year-long pilot project of its proposed e-krona. The project will use distributed ledger technology inspired by the blockchains that run cryptocurrencies. Cashless in Sweden: Physical cash is headed toward obsolescence in Sweden. Nearly everyone uses a mobile payment application called Swish, and it’s been…

South Korea is watching quarantined citizens with a smartphone app

With almost 6,300 cases and more than 40 reported deaths, South Korea has become home to the world’s largest coronavirus outbreak outside China. As a result, the government in Seoul has taken what it calls “maximum” action to contain the spread of the disease—including sending thousands of people into mandatory home quarantine. Now it is…

Corona in Köln

Coronavirus in Köln: Hier finden Sie die wichtigsten Informationen zu den Auswirkungen des Virus in Köln.

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Links from 2020-12-26

This spacecraft is being readied for a one-way mission to deflect an asteroid

impact will change Dimorphos’s speed by about one millimeter per second, or one five-hundredth of a mile per hour. Though Dimorphos is not about to collide with Earth, DART is intended to demonstrate the ability to deflect an asteroid like it that is headed our way, should one ever be discovered.

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Jitsi - Show Only Video Tiles

During the Jitsi load test for the „rC3 - Remote Chaos Experience”, the question popped up on how the show only attendee-tiles that show video, and hide attend-tiles with default-icons or static images.

One option shared in the chat during the load test was to enter the following into your browsers „developer console”:

$('body').append('<style>.display-avatar-only {display: none !important}</style>')

For Adblock, there was this snippet posted (HT @OP_liefert):

Other options are shown in jitsi-meets Microsoft Github issue #7687 „Hide Non-Video Participants”.

Do keep in mind, that hiding meeting participants might cause security/privacy implications.

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Covid-19 Chunks 2020-12-24

Millions of people fell for crypto-Ponzi schemes in 2019

Cryptocurrency scammers raked in $4.3 billion worth of digital money in 2019, more than triple 2018’s haul. That’s according to the latest in a series of recent data drops by blockchain analytics firm Chainalysis, all of which it has included in a lengthy report it published Wednesday entitled “The 2020 State of Crypto Crime.” You’ve…

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Covid-19 Chunks 2020-12-17

Verwirrung um Fallzahlen vom Robert Koch-Institut: Doch keine Entwarnung bei Corona-Infektionen

Von einer - auch von - gemeldeten Verlangsamung von Infizierten-Zahlen in Deutschland kann doch nicht ausgegangen werden. Die Berechnung des Robert Koch-Instituts war unvollständig, etliche Fallmeldungen waren dort nicht eingegangen.

News-Update am Samstag: Die wichtigsten Entwicklungen zu Corona

Droht Deutschland ein Stillstand wie in Italien? In Berlin und Köln werden unter anderem Clubs, Kinos und Bars geschlossen. Die USA weiten den Einreisestopp derweil nun doch auf Großbritannien und Irland aus.

Klimawandel: CO2-Schulden sollten vererbbar sein

Dieser Beitrag wurde am 27.01.2020 auf veröffentlicht.

Corona-Maßnahmen: Sind weiße Leben in Europa mehr wert?

Die Corona-Krise zeigt, dass Regierungen zu drastischen Maßnahmen bereit sind, um Menschenleben zu retten. Warum passiert das nicht bei der Seenotrettung? Ein Debattenbeitrag.

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Spoilt for Choice

So I am looking at the TEX Electronics Shinobi 7-Row „Thinkpad like” keyboard. Of course, the offer a wide range of Cherry MX keys to choose from. So in order to help me decide, I put together the following table, based on the iinformation from Cherry.

CHERRY KEY switching characteristics operating force (cN) pre travel (mm) total travel (mm) Sound
MX SILENT RED Linear 45 1.9 3.7 No click
MX BLACK Linear 60 2 4 No click
MX BLUE Tactile and audible 60 2.2 4 With click
MX BROWN Tactile 55 2 4 No click
MX RED Linear 45 2 4 No click
MX SILENT RED Linear 45 1.9 3.7 Silent
MX CLEAR Tactile 65 2 4 No click
MX SPEED SILVER Linear 45 1.2 3.4 No click
MX GREY Tactile 80 2 4 No click
MX GREEN Tactile and audible 80 2.2 4 With click


„But choose wisely, for while the true switch will bring you life, the false switch will take it from you.”

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Covid-19 Chunks 2020-12-02

How coronavirus is transforming online dating and sex

Last week, as shutdowns and shelter-in-place orders became increasingly common, a mysterious Google Form circulated among students at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business: “Love Is Blind, Bschool Edition.” The name was inspired by the hit Netflix show where couples talk in isolated pods and subsequently get engaged without seeing each other. The…

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